How to Transform Any Pen Into an Awesome LEGO Character Using Sugru




Introduction: How to Transform Any Pen Into an Awesome LEGO Character Using Sugru

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LEGO is awesome, but a LEGO pen is even more awesome !!!!!

This is a super simple project that shows you how to transform any pen into your favourite LEGO character, yay :)

LEGO - this project uses the LEGO round stud
a pen
tissue paper

Why sugru is good for this:
1: bonds to ABS brilliantly :)
2: bonds to most other materials
3: you can remove sugru from most non porous surfaces without leaving any marks

Take note: Unlike LEGO, sugru isn't a toy. While it's still soft and squidgy, sugru is for grownups, not kids, so keep it away from those little guys. Once sugru has had time to cure, it's safe for everyone.

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Step 1: Step by Step

This project uses a tiny amount of sugru, so it's a good one to do with left over sugru from another project...

Make several LEGO pens at the same time, they are super quick to make and use very little sugru :)

1: Get a tiny piece of sugru (about the size of a pea) and make a small sausage.

2: Insert one end into the hollow of the round stud lego piece. Press in until it fills the hole.

3: Make the end of the sugru into a mini pyramid with your fingers. (This will help you get a good bond in the next step)

4: Press the sugru point firmly onto the end of your pen to get a good bond.

5: Make sure the LEGO piece is nice and straight. Finally, gently press the sugru around the edges to get a nice surface finish.

5: Leave the pen to cure overnight before popping your LEGO heads on :) you can prop your pen up with some tape.

If you find that sugru is sticking to your fingers, just give them a quick wipe with dry tissue paper, works a treat :)

Step 2: Enjoy :)

Once the sugru has cured, you can attach whatever lego head suits your mood. Experiment with different characters, hairstyles and hats. Enjoy!

Step 3: Printable Step by Step (PDF)

We also made a lovely print friendly A4 PDF of this project, you can download it from our blog here, I hope you like it :)

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Thats an awesome idea!!

    you could do this with a pencil, and make the hair a rubber... specifically designed, so it still looks the part!

    so cute! I love harry potter, so I will use the harry potter heads on lego minifigures. Thank you!