How to Turn a 2 Point Gear Sector Sling Into a 1 Point.



Gear Sector slings are solid and their customer service is top notch. In this instructable I will show you how to make a single point sling adapter with the auxiliary adapters you may have not used.

Step 1: Do You Still Have the Auxiliary Adapters?

If you bought a sling and either the HK hooks or the QD's (below) you should still have the auxiliary adapters that you are not using.

Step 2: Let's Get Started.

These are the auxiliary adapters. If you don't need them, then you can modify them to make a single point adapter.

Step 3: Disassembly.

From one of the adapters, remove the stitching in order to take off the male connecter.

Step 4: Keep or Toss.

How do you want to connect this to your rifle?

Slotted - Do not cut the other adjusters off of the second auxilliary adapter! Instead disassemble the second auxilliary adapter like you did to the first, in order to save the adjusters.

Hooks or QD's - Then just follow the picture dummy and cut them bishes off.

Step 5: Assembly.

Slide the two adjusters onto the middle of the webbing. The other male adapter should be reattached to finish up the end. I used some super glue as to temporarily "stitch" the webbing. You should have the other piece of webbing leftover (and the intact adjusters if you decided to keep them).

Step 6: Bout Halfway Done.

Slide the other piece of webbing through the two adjusters about and inch and a half then fold it over. This can now be temporarily attached or stitched.

Step 7: Last Piece.

If you are going to use a slotted plate, this is the part there you will use the two adjusters you saved. If you are going to use a mash hook, HK hook, or a QD like I used then just follow the picture below. I recommend not sewing this until the very end just incase you want to shorten it.

Step 8: Sew This Sucka Up.

Your wife can finish sewing the webbing while you go to your girlfriends house. She should be done by the time you get home or should I say, she better be done. Once complete you have a pretty sweet single point adapter. Plus, all it costed me was the price of the QD.

Thanks to:
Gear Sector and Jason for making great slings.
Midwest Industries for making bomb proof parts like the QD used in this instructable.
Blackstone Tactical for actually having the QD in stock.



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