How to Turn a Fitted Tshirt Into a Cami




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Turn a boring tshirt into a cami with this helpful tutorial (very very very small bit of sewing)

Step 1: First,

Make sure you have a fitted Tshirt, scissors, sharpie, and needle& thread. (cat not required :D)
Turn the shirt inside-out and snip off the sleeves right at the hem.

Step 2: Second,

Cut off the collar by starting at the black line and cutting around. SAVE THE COLLAR!!

Step 3: Third,

Cut a slight V in the front and in back and even it out.

Step 4: Fourthly,

cut the tops of the sleeves to make triangles
Then cut your collar in half

Step 5: Fifthly,

Sew the straps on the front and back very securely and turn right side in(normal)
Then cut a slit about a inch below the V and tie a piece of string around the V and through the slit to make a deeper V

Step 6: Sixthly,

Hem the edges or sew on lace now. I just hemmed mine but it turned out great!!!!
Thanks and check out more of my DIY tutorials!!



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