How to Turn a Laptop Into a Wifi Hotspot in Windows 7!!!




Introduction: How to Turn a Laptop Into a Wifi Hotspot in Windows 7!!!

Hello Everybody!!! I'm Luca, I'm 26 and I'm italian...oh...and this is my first instructable!!! I'm sorry if my english will not be perfect everytime.

Let's Begin!

Imagine this scenario.

1 - You are in a room and the wifi router is somewhere in the building.

2 - You have a laptop that can detect wifi and have the antenna strong enough to connect to it.

3 - You have a tablet and/or a phone, and it have an antenna that is not strong enough to grab the wifi signal.


A - Turn your laptop into a virtual router.

B - Raaaaaage!!!!

We'll choose solution A, the virtual router.

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Step 1: Download Virtual Router !!!

Where can I get Virtual Router??? HERE!!!

Remeber that Virtual Router is a free tool!!!

Download the 1.3 MB file. Is a real featherweight program!

Step 2: Install Virtual Router !!!

VR installation is piece of cake!!

Open VirtualRouterInstaller.msi and...

...Just click "Next" three times for a super fast, idiot proof, installation!!!

Note: You can select "Everyone" or "Just me" before starting the installation process. With this option you could select if the program will be installed only on your windows account or on every windows account that exixsts on the computer.

Step 3: Start Virtual Router...!!!

Nothing more than double click on the VR icon on your desktop!!!

Step 4: Set All the Options!

Virtual Router in running at full speed!

You must set:

1 - SSID (like every wifi network)

2 - Password (like SOME wifi network)

3 - Shared connection. This option is the only variable you will have to set from time to time.

- Set "None" if you are connected via Ethernet Cable (I have NOT tested this option yet!)

- Set "Wireless Network Connection" if you want to share a wifi connection (Option tested and OK!!!)

Step 5: Connect Your Device and Enjoy!!!

Now turn on the wifi on your device(s).

(I tested with only one device connected)

Connect to the network that has the SSID that you set before.

Type the Password

Enjoy the connection!!!

Before we say goodbye:

1 - Connection can overload sometime, just restart your wifi and VR

2 - Connection can slow down a bit if you have traffic on both devices.

Well...This was my first instructable! If you have questions, comments or suggestions, write down here!!!

I apologize again if my english is bad!!!


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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hi I did this, can see in avialilble network and can connect to WIFI, but there is no Internet catching in mobile. It shows like connected, No Internet. but I do have connection in laptop. Please suggest


    Reply 2 years ago

    The mobile is connected to the program like shown in my instructable?


    3 years ago

    im gonna try it thanks


    4 years ago

    Well, I use OSToto Hotspot to creat a wifi hotspot. The signal is strong and stable.


    Reply 4 years ago

    after some testing I discovered that the slow speed was due to massive overloading of the server I was connected to!!!


    4 years ago

    Very good info to know. Thank you!