How to Turn a Picture From Normal to Scary for Halloween!

Take one normal picture and upload to :-) (here are the before and after pictures)

Step 1:

Go to the featured section and use 'vampire eyes' to make eyes red and scary - you can also make them orange, yellow and white:-). Simply click on vampire eyes and paint it on to the eyes!

Step 2:

Next use 'Draculan dermis' on skin to make face, (and other other showing skin), pale. Make sure its set to hungry.

Step 3:

Then, add some fangs! You can adjust the size of the fangs by dragging the corners in or out, depending on if you want to make them bigger or smaller.

Step 4:

Now, draw a blood trail from the mouth using 'blood stains'.

Step 5:

Next, use 'zombify' around the corners of the face.

Step 6:

Then, use 'face paint' to draw black circles around the eyes!

Step 7:

Then, go back to zombify and use it on the rest of the showing skin, going over the recently drawn black circles around the eyes. (DON'T GO OVER EYES).

Step 8:

Finally, go to the 'effects section and use 'night vision'. Now you should have one scary looking picture - bet you can't say you wouldn't be scared if you woke up with that thing staring at you!



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