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Ever get sick of downloading stuff, installing it, then a week later never using it? I know I do, and I'm to lazy to uninstall it. So I have the thing for you! (Note: this also is great for flash drives) This is my first instructable so please post constructive criticism. :)

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Step 1: Tools

In order to do this you will need to obtain a copy of WinRar, and Universal Extractor. You need both If you want to do this with install files.

Step 2: Extract the Install File

Extract your install file, in my case I will be doing this with phun.

Step 3: Archive It

The final step is to archive it into a .sfx archive. Navigate to the folder where everything is, find the .exe that runs the program, and remember the name of it. Open WinRar and navigate to the folder you extracted it to, select all files, and click add to archive at the top. Now change the name of the archive from say, phun.rar, to Phun.exe. It should change it to Phun.sfx.exe. Make sure create SFX archive is checked. Now change the archive format to ZIP and set the compression method to best. Switch to the advanced tab and click on SFX options. Set run after extraction to the name of the .exe that you found earlier. Change to the modes tab, check unpack to a temorary folder and select hide all. Hit OK and then start the compiling of the archive.

Step 4: How It Works

Wondering how it works? Let me explain it! It all starts when you click it. The archive extracts itself into a temporary hidden folder and then runs the program you selected in step 3. When you close it, the program wipes itself off the ram and is gone. I suggest storing this online, then when you need to use it, don't save the file, just open it when you download it. This also works great with flash drives.

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    I also use PHUN, it's a great physics simulator to play around with!

    Below is something I made, you can use the arrow keys and a,w,s,d to controll the ragdolls, dont hit the walls


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Before I do this, does the portable app SAVES the data along with it, or does it just RESETS the data, losing your work?

    1 reply

    I think you did a good job but I think all the pictures should be large. Just a suggestion. I do not know how to do a lot of programs but the directions seem good. It was just difficult for me to see the pictures. Nice ible though! Keep up the good work! And stay warm!

    Not bad at all. I recommend checking out . The apps there are portable in the sense that is saves everything back to the drive it runs from. No registry changes, etc. I do like your approach, though. I personally prefer just running a lightweight Linux distro from my drive, and saving everything to it.

    I know, I have it on my flash drive, as well as a distro of slax and some portabalized apps. I really like putting these on dropbox in my public folder, then routing the public link through tinyurl. Then I can just open it instead of save it and have it on any computer with access to the internet.

    A very nice setup. Slax makes a wonderful portable distro. It was one of the firsts I used on my USB. If you really want to get into this sort of stuff, you should check out things like multibooting using GRUB2. It gets interesting. I forgot to mention it earlier, but nice tutorial.

    I use the UMI multiboot installer, I've got puppy, DSL, ubuntu, slax, and something else, can't remember because I never use it. Thanks for commenting!!