How to Turn an Image of a Point and Shoot Camera Into a One Taken From a DSLR!

Introduction: How to Turn an Image of a Point and Shoot Camera Into a One Taken From a DSLR!

Here is my effort to reach people that how can we make an image taken from a point and shoot camera into a photo that is taken from a DSLR camera..

One thing to be noted : Images with DSLR camera have only one area of concentration in their images. So this forms the basis of the instructable

Things which u need : Adobe Photoshop (7 or higher)

1. Open the Photoshop.
   Click on 'Open' and open your image that you want to make it gr8
2.With the help of the magnetic selection tool Select only the portrait as i have done above.

3.Go to Select > Inverse
4. Go to Filter > Blur > lens blur and st the radius to 44 until the background seems quiet blur as found in a dslr.Click ok
5. Go to Select again and click Inverse. now the portrait should get selected.
6.Go to image > Adjustments > levels and give the 3 drag button - 27 , 1.15 , 207 values respectively. click on Ok
7. Go to image > adjustments > saturation. Now set the saturation value to +15. CLick Ok

That is all you have created a professional image from a point and shoot camera..Save the file and Enjoy making such..

Thank you




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    Actually this isn't correct. ALL Cameras have only one area of focus. What you're referring to is a 'Depth of Field' and a shallow one at that. This is creates by the lens which is attached to the camera having a large aperture, this has nothing to do with the type of camera it is taken on, some compacts have lenses such as this and you will find that if you zoom in or take a photograph close up with most compacts that there will a significantly more shallow depth of field. Also, you cannot convert a compact camera's image into that of a DSLR because the sensor will be nowhere near as advance no matter what the depth of field.

    No but Picasa can't select only the portrait i guess.. Photoshop is designed for the Workhorse of the images.. So better to use PS.. And another thing every detail of the image can be changed in photoshop but that you lack in picasa..:)

    Picassa can crop a photograph and change the Contrast, brightness and fill light as well as the tint, produce graduated tints, soft focus, sharpen the picture, make B/W, Produce focal tints and other things.

    But Perfection does not prove true with Picasa.. see trying in Photoshop and Picasa you feel the perfect difference!!]

    here this is friends ... my instructable ..please comment .:)