How to Turn an Outdated Dinning Table Into Jack Daniels Themed Game Table

Introduction: How to Turn an Outdated Dinning Table Into Jack Daniels Themed Game Table

I bought this outdated, old ladyish dinning table and chair set for $25 on Craigslist. Seeing it was solid wood, I knew it would be easy to fix the stains and scratches with a little soap and water and some sand paper.

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Step 1: After Sand Down, Prime

After sanding the table I used some soap and water, as suggested on the chalkboard spray paint can, to remove any left over dust and grime. The previous owner had kids so there was a lot of unidentifiable crusties.

Step 2: Prep Table for Chalkboard Paint Top

Although I do not have a picture of the next step, I used tape to edge the top of the table so I could spray the chalkboard paint. Seeing it was easily 100 plus degrees outside here in Killeen, Texas, the paint dried very fast and I was able to apply several coats in a matter of a few minutes. Once the top was done I removed the tape and began brushing on the wood stain to the rim of the table and legs.

Step 3: Onto the Ugly Chairs

Some people may like this style of dinning chair and I do not knock those who do, however, if they were going to masculinized I needed to pull out my handsaw and get to cutting the center pieces, the top knobs (3 of the 4 as my husband wanted "his" chair to have the round knobs) and the bottom front bars.

Step 4: Prime and Spray Paint

After all of the chairs had been chopped up and primed I took to the yard to spray paint them using a black flat paint.  I am still not convinced yet about using spray paint as opposed to conventional brush on.  Yes it seems to be quicker and smoother, but I haven't mastered the right technique so it seems like half of it gets blown away.  Plus, there is something primal about using a brush. 
I managed to get about one and a half chairs done with one can of spray paint. I used four cans in total.

Step 5: Decoupage Time!

I have done several other projects using decoupage as a technique before, i.e. Jack Daniels plate picture, and knew it would work on the chairs.  One of the chairs I actually used a real JD bottle label and on the others I used pictures my husband printed out.  Just a little bit of Mod Podge, my secret special technique, and some medium gloss. 

Step 6: Taadaahh

I do not mean to toot my own boat, however, I am very impressed with the way this project came out.  My husband loves the Jack Daniels theme and loves having a game table as he believes we are too young to have a conventional dinning table in our home!  LOL

Step 7: The True Test...

The other night we had friends over and my husband, the one with a Jack and coke in hand, broke his new game table in with a game of handcrafted JENGA!  Oh, and our dog in the picture, guess what his name is?  JD!!!

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    5 years ago

    OMG I have the same exact table and chairs in our kitchen