How to Turn on Your School Irrigation System...





Introduction: How to Turn on Your School Irrigation System...

Okay, so it's the last day of school and you guys want to have some fun in the sun! I will show you how to turn on the irrigation system in the south-east side of the quad (where the old science buildings use to be). Do not do anything stupid with this information (wink wink) I am only putting this up here so you have greater knowledge of your school, I take no responsibility for your actions. Okay here we go!

Step 1: Find Out Where You Are...

Find out where you are at Paly. This picture has been taken at the student center looking over the quad. Let's call the left patch of grass "Side A" the other will be called "Side B".

Step 2: Hoods...

I will show you how to turn on the system for Side A (they are both the same, just independent from each other)
When you look at this part of the quad from this view, you will see two green hoods in the grass. They are indicated here. Open up the two hoods (they are very easy to open).

Step 3: The Guts...

Now that you have the two hoods open the area should look like this. It's a little dirty in there but it's just water and mud, so don't worry. You can see some PVC plumbing interrupted by a large valve with wires coming out of it, this is the electronic solenoid. It allows the sprinklers to be turned on by a timer, luckily for us it is very easy to bypass this system manually.

Step 4: Turning Them On/off...

Step 4:
Here is how you can bypass the system manually. You will see the "D" shaped knob extruding form the valve, is you rotate this knob counter-clockwise you will turn on the sprinklers. Make sure you turn it all the way so you get as much water as you can. To turn them off you rotate the knob clockwise.
You can electronically turn on the valve by stripping the two wires and applying 12volts (DC) to the leads on the knob.

Step 5: You're Done!

That's it!

That's all you need to know to turn on the irrigation system for that part of the quad. There is a lot more that you should do though. Most of the Paly staff probably wouldn't like you doing this so make sure you have a couple people looking out for you to make sure nobody sees you.

- Open up both hoods and turn them on fast and all the way. By turning them both on at once, you have less of a chance to be seen.
- Get a lot of people to help you out. Maybe you can have some kind of party in the water! It draws less attention to one specific person.
- Or just do it when a lot of people are on the quad, getting wet is a nice way to start the day =P (do it during brunch)



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    i used to work for a landscape company and used to service & install irrigation systems i made a remote testing box a few years ago to aid in the maintenance of each valve/ watering zone..... I consisted of a wireless remote & receiver and 2-9v batteries with 2 alligator clips to connect to the valve wires

    I worked for an irrigation company, and we serviced this one HUGE townhouse copmlex and they screwed the valve covers down so you cant open them. A few years ago me and my friends thought it would be good to do this at our city gov. building. We turned it on for about 10 seconds, twisted it and ran away as fast as we could.

     To really turn it on, whisper sweet nothings into it's ear, and take it on a fancy night out. 


    yes, you splice into the electronic silonoid put a battery and a radio tranciver into the box and when you hit the button the sprinklers turn on.

    Nice :) my school has a big field and i have seen many off these green boxes ... but there are bee nests in them :/ soo it would b pretty hard to turn it on.... lol would be a great school joke :D

    2 replies

    Bees?? I would think they would not like the sound the water makes in the pipes and the solonoid valve noises.........

    Well.... idk but the nests are on the cover of the boxes sooo maybe i could try :D

    Just a warning - some sprinkler systems like this (especially in dry climates) use minimally treated effluent water. So you may want to check before you go frolicking in just any sprinklers.

    1 reply

    better yet, hook 3, 9-volts together, wire them in to those wires coming out of the solinoid, and set up some sort of wireless trigger.