How to Turn Pdf to Flash Flip Book

Introduction: How to Turn Pdf to Flash Flip Book

Most users want to convert PDF files to Flash flip book. It is really wonderful to upload your PDF files to website or add PDF to certain portable devices as a digital magazine with page turning effect. However, you may get headache if you cannot find the PDF to flash digital magazine tool for you on Windows. Here I will introduce Codebox to you which is a popular online service that allows you to convert your PDF files into an Flash file (thus allowing you to create an animated e-book from PDF).

About Codebox
Codebox is another free online tool that lets you easily convert a pdf file to a flippable ebook. This online software enable you to select your preferences, that is, you are able to set parameter of your converted flip book such as page width and height, zoom factor, interface languge, panel color, text color, background color, etc. You can download converted files on PC as soon as the PDF conversion finished. No need of email address.

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Step 1: Upload Your PDF File

Log on and click on the “Attach a file” link and browse you PC for the desired PDF file.

Step 2: Configure the Parameters for Output Flash Animation

In this connection you can configure: Page width and height, Zoom factor, and Page Preset

Step 3: Set the Parameters for Your Menu

You can set the language, backgound color, text color, button color for the menu.

Step 4: Start Conversion Process and Get the Output Files

Finally click on the “Start Conversion” button and once done click on the Download button to retrieve your Flash file. It will be downloaded as, simply extract the folder and retrieve your Flash file.

For creating more amazing Flash flip books from PDF, you can choose Kvisoft Flip Book Maker. It lets you create Flash page turning flip books from PDF with 30 more built-in templates.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Use a software like flippdf pro or ePage creator. 3D page flip is also good to be used.. But flippdf pro is better in my choice.
    If looking for a service at cheap price $5, following gig is better as experienced.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Article! I mostly use PDFfiller to convert my scanned documents to PDF. Its not the same thing, but maybe someone needs it. It also allows you to erase in a pdf and create fillable pdfs.

    Its pretty easy to use and its pretty cheap. I think you can get a free week if you and a friend both register.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I have used Free 3DPageFlip PDF to Flash Flipbook Converter several months ago. Later I have tried this page turning software because it offers me more vivid templates and themes.