How to Turn Your Oil Lantern in to an Led Lantern





Introduction: How to Turn Your Oil Lantern in to an Led Lantern

So here is my first instructable. So be soft on me.

Here is me showing you how to transform your oil lantern in to a led lantern the easy way. And you are still able to change it back just by removing the non original parts.

Tools needed:
wire cutters
12v power supply
3 5mm leds (any color you want)
1 100ohm resistor. (i used 2 cos i didnt have the right one. So soldered them in series)
Hurricane lantern
soldering iron
hot glue (who can think of a life without)
1 table tennis ball

This can be done in about 45min
have fun.

Step 1: Buy an Old or New Storm Lantern or Hurricane Lantern or What Ever Its Called.

first you buy a new or old storm lantern. And remove the wick. You dont need it but save it. you never know.

Step 2: Remove the Glass.

ok so be careful not to break the glass. Get a set of those small table tennis balls and cut them in half. You need it as a diffuser. Hot glue one half on to the base. Now carefully place the glass back.

Step 3: The Leds

i used 3 20 mA warm white 5mm leds. but you can use what ever you want. there isn't a lot of space you want the board as small as possible. I used 2 80 ohm resistors as i didnt have 100 ohm. Soldered them in series. And to seal them from moisture i used hot glue .And also used hot glue to fix the board in place. Also remember you don't want any shorts so the glue acts as isolation.

Step 4: Powerrr and Finished Product

So at my local hardware store i found this cheapo 12v 1.2a power supply. was about 3€. Just connect the wires and led hurricane lantern. yes i know you can buy them. But this is a real quality brand lantern and with these mods you can still change it back to a oil lamp just by removing the non original parts



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    You mentioned soldering everything in series, you did not show the soldered side of the PCB, does that include the LEDs?

    Thx i need this for my green lantern power battery
    I give you a Credit!

    Very nicely done, I like the fact you can go back to using it as an oil lamp if you need to. I did something similar with a candle lantern years ago, just by wrapping Christmas lights around the candle. Allows you to light the candle on special occasions.

    2 replies

    I like your idea with the christmas lights, I used them to light closets and book shelves too.

    thank you. i have to say, i only made it like this because the lanterns are 16€ each. And was the "on sale" price. Normally they go for 27€.

    Nice idea, I like that you can change it back too. "Just in case."

    no. i want to change the lamps back to oil when i want to.

    neat work. I have two lanterns sleeping in store, time to give them an upgrade. Many thanks.

    Not bad for a first 'able. I really like the idea. Just a few spelling errors. I would replace the cursing with more articulation of what you did.

    1 reply

    tbh i am not english so i try. Dont know about the cursing? I fixed some of the spelling errors. ?