How to Twirl a Baton

Introduction: How to Twirl a Baton

I was a Majorette in high school and twirling a baton is one of my favorite things to do. I am going to show how to do a few tricks with the baton and put them all together.


Materials Needed:

Step 1:
Flat Spin
To start this, grab the baton in the middle with your thumb facing you. Make sure the bigger ball is at the top of the baton facing you.

Step 2:
To start the spin, rotate the baton to the left, counter-clockwise. The larger ball should be going over your arm, and the smaller ball should be under your arm.

Step 3: 
Start doing this trick slowly, and eventually it will speed up.

Step 4:
Flat toss-spin in the same hand

After mastering the flat spin, you can toss it. After doing a full spin, pop the baton in the air and catch it with the same hand. This may take a few tries.

Step 5:
Flat toss-spin in the opposite hand

Using the same concept as step 4.
After you toss the baton in the air, put your opposite hand out and get ready to catch it.

Step 6:
Turn the baton slightly to the opposite side while tossing in the air. Using your opposite hand, catch the baton.

Step 7:
Vertical spin

To do a vertical spin, it's all in the wrist. Bring the baton over your head and think of it like brushing your hair. Turn the baton one time. Spin the baton down above your head. It should end up at your right side.

Step 8:
Vertical spin-toss

To do a vertical toss, first repeat step 7. After this is done, bring the baton in front of you. Pop the baton off your thumb after turning it over. Catch the baton with the same hand. This may take many tries to master.

Step 9:
Putting it all together

First, do a flat spin. Then, do a toss to the opposite hand. After that, using the opposite hand, do a vertical spin. 

Step 10:

After doing step 9, do a final vertical toss. This will bring all of the steps together and create a pretty cool trick :)

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    Can you put up more pictures and a video? I'd love to see a demonstration since it's hard to visualize what to do just from the written description.