How to Upcycle an Unused Hoddie in to a Laptop Bag the Easy Way (no Sewing), With Accessory Slot!




This simply tells you how to upcycle an unused hoddie with an accessory pocket, and a place for the charger.
You will need:
- Laptop
- Unused hoddie (with hood strings still there)
- Laptop charger(optional)
- Laptop accessories(optional)

This bag will probably hold, and unlike other ways to do this, the weight of the laptop makes it stronger, but there is still a chance your laptop could fall, pay attention to it.

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Step 1: Putting the Laptop in the Hoddie

This is simple enough, just slide the laptop in until you can start to see it in the hood as shown in the second picture. Also put your small accessories in the pocket(s) if you have any, however DO NOT put the charger in here.

Step 2: Adjust Strings, Fold It, and Lock in Place.

take the hood and put the laptop in it as shown, then tie the strings.
Next, fold the bottom of the hoodie over the laptop, and then pull the hood over the bottom of that as shown.

Step 3: Put the Charger in and Finish It

Flip it so the flat side is down, and push the charger in the bulge, the tie the ends of the arms tougher, and enjoy your new laptop carrier! Repeat as needed.

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