How to Upgrade Mt-card Hardware to V1.3

MT-Card is one of the best flashcarts to play downloaded 3ds backups, and it's the first flashcart that allows users to play multiple roms in one microsd card, and users will be able to switch the games via the physical button on the card itself, and mt-card hardware can be updated via an USB cable directly. reliable site to buy mt-card in the US.

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Step 1: Download the Mt-card Hardware V1.3 and Software V1.2

Download the latest mt-card hardware version 1.3 and software version 1.2 from here and unzip the file.
You will see an exe file as shown

Step 2: Connect 3ds Mt Card With Your Computer

You will need an USB cable, connect the yellow mt-card with the computer as shown

Step 3: Run the Mt-card Exe File

Double click the mt-card exe file and click update
It will ask you if you want to update the hardware to v1.3, click yes to continue



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