How to Use ComputerCraft Mod to AutoMagically Chop Wood in Minecraft

Introduction: How to Use ComputerCraft Mod to AutoMagically Chop Wood in Minecraft

Even once your are extremely advanced in your Modded Minecraft world, and have things like jetpacks and automatic machinery, there are usually some problems that you run into. One of them, is getting wood. Even having a manual wood farm is not very efficient, and it gets annoying that with all the technical advancements that you have, you still need to do such a stone-age thing as chopping wood.

However, using ComputerCraft, there is an easy way to get a lot of wood, pretty fast. If it is not fast enough, go ahead and build a couple of these farms.

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Step 1: Required Mods

First, you will need to install these mods:

Forge for 1.7.10 (installer) (when the countdown in the top-right corner is done, click the download button there)


Both links are from the official sites.

Step 2: How the Chopping Works

If you don't really care about the logic on how the chopper works, then skip this. But this may help solve problems that might happen to occur later!

Basically, the chopper goes around the fenced area, and when it finds a sapling, it just goes around it. But if it finds wood in front of it, then it will destroy the wood, destroy the leaves above it, go up, etc until it hits the top of the tree (it no longer finds wood in front of it). Then, it will chop the leaves in front of it, go forward, turn, chop ahead of it, go forward, and chop ahead of it. This will repeat about 3 times, then it goes down to the ground again where it repeats it's cycle.

If it finds a dropped item in front of it, it will pick it up. If it finds a chest underneath it, it will place all the items in the first slot (typically wood) into the chest. Also, it will replace a tree with a sapling that it will place from the second slot in it's inventory.

If you can understand Lua, the programming language, you can edit the chop file in the turtle.

Step 3: Building the Farm

This step is quite easy, but will require a few saplings, about 16 is recommended.

Pic One First, place any solid block in a one block high 6x6 wall. The poppies are to help count the amount of blocks.

Pic Two Next, place saplings in each corner, and add a chest on the outermost row of any side of the square.

Pic Three Lastly, place a turtle equipped with either a pickaxe or axe (pickaxe recommended because you can then reuse this turtle for other things of needed). Make sure you are facing North! You can open the debug menu as shown on the screen with F3, or sometimes FN+F3. Also, ignore the horrible glitchy rain.

Step 4: Installing and Running the Program

Now, it is time to give this little turtle his instructions! This may be a bit difficult, however. First, right click the turtle. Then, type "edit chop". Type whatever short random text you like, and click Ctrl, then enter. Now, navigate to your .minecraft folder. Then, to your saves folder. Find your world name, and open it's folder. Then, inside that, there is a folder called computer. Open that, and there should be only two files. Open the folder, probably titled "0". Now, you want to go in there and replace the chop file with this file: File Download.

Now, back in Minecraft, press Ctrl, then press e. Now, type "chop". Your turtle should automatically start going around the little pen. Make sure not to get in it's way! Also, to make sure mobs don't get in it's way either, make the wall another block higher.

TIP: Before you run the "chop" command, do "label set Chopper". If you have already run the chop program, hold Ctrl and T. Once you set the label, you can safely break your turtle and place again without losing the program inside.

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