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In this Instructable I will show you how to do the following:

1. Finding the App
2. Upgrading Cydia
3. Update your Applications
4.Searching for New Applications
5. Installing New Applications
6. Remove or Reinstall Applications
7. Adding Sources
8. View and Manage Storage

9. Some great Suggested Sources
10. Some great Suggested Apps

Overall, just read the title! You'll know how to use Cydia and find some great applications by the time you're done reading this.

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Step 1: How to Use Cydia: Finding It

Here's a basic walkthrough to help you navigate through and get the most out of Cydia.
NOTE: This only works on jailbroken iPhone's or iPod Touch's

1. Click the Cydia icon on your Homescreen

You'll see loading while it updates the sources and loads the welcome screen.

NOTE: "How to Use Cydia: A Walkthrough" is sourced from: and another source, for adding sources:

Step 2: How to Use Cydia: Upgrade Cydia

2. Upgrade Cydia
From here if you haven't run Cydia in a while, or this is your first time running, you may get a notice about "Essential upgrades". These are upgrades to the Cydia application itself that may be required for installing new packages and apps:
* Press Upgrade Essential
* Press Confirm to begin the download and install
* Wait for Complete and press Close Window
* Press the home key, and then re-open Cydia to continue

NOTE: After installing essential upgrades, it's always a good idea to restart Cydia to make sure the new packages are reloaded. Repeat Step 1 to open Cydia again (though you probably already guessed that).

Step 3: How to Use Cydia: Update Applications

3. Update Applications
If you've installed applications previously you may see a numbered notification next to the Changes menu. This indicates that there are updates available for currently installed applications. For our walkthrough I'll update the NES emulator I downloaded a couple of days ago.
To update applications:
* Press Changes
* Press Upgrade All (#) [top right of screen]
* Press Confirm to begin download and installation

You'll notice on the last shot that NES has disappeared from the list and the notification
(red 1) on the changes option has been removed.
NOTE: Changes also contains applications that have recently been added or changed, this is a good place to go to find new applications on a regular basis.

Step 4: How to Use Cydia: Searching for Applications

4. Searching for Applications
I can find an app without having to go through countless categories because I can't remember where it was located:
* Press Search
* Type part of the application name or description in the search box at top
The list is filtered as you type, and all matching applications are shown. Select one to install and follow step 4 above.

Check the Changes section in Cydia daily for updates.

Step 5: How to Use Cydia: Installing New Applications

5. Installing New Applications
Let's install something new. I love Pac-Man, and it just so happens that the developer of Mac-Man, a great Pac-Man clone, is available on Cydia under the games category.
To install an application:
* Press Install [on the bottom]
* Browse through categories to Games
* Press Macman
* Press Install on top right
* Press Confirm to begin the download and installation

You will see it run through a series of steps . . . Downloading . . . Preparing . . . Complete.
* Press Close Window
Now Macman is successfully installed, you should be able to hit your home key, wait for your homescreen to refresh, and a tempting new Macman icon will be waiting for you.

Step 6: How to Use Cydia: Removing or Reinstalling Applications

6. Removing or Reinstalling Applications
Ok, so now you have an application installed, but you don't really want to play it anymore. Removing it is as simple as a few taps:
* Open Cydia again
* Press Manage
  • Click on Packages
* Scroll and find Macman
* Press Macman
* Press Modify [top right of the screen]
* Press Remove (you could reinstall if you were having issues with the application, like it wouldn't start)
* Press Confirm to begin removing the app
* Once you see Complete, press home and the Macman icon should be gone

Step 7: How to Use Cydia: Adding Sources

7. Adding Sources
These are the steps to follow to add a source to Cydia:

  • 1 - Launch Cydia, tap 'Manage' in the dock and then tap 'Sources'
  • 2 - Cydia update its current sources, then press the Manage tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • 3 - Press the Sources button.
  • 4 - Press the Edit button at the top right of the screen.
  • 5 - Press the Add button at the top left of the screen.
  • 6 - Enter your source (example: in the space, then press the Add Source button.
  • 7 - Let Cydia add and update the source, then press the Return to Cydia button at the bottom of the screen.
  • 8 - Press the Done button in the top right of the screen.

Step 8: How to Use Cydia: Manage Storage

8. Manage Storage
These are the steps to follow to manage your storage in Cydia:

  • 1 - Launch Cydia, tap 'Manage' in the dock and then tap 'Sources'
  • 2 - Cydia update its current sources, then press the Manage tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • 3 - Press the Storage button.
  • 4 - Here you see the information, not the picture below.
  • 5 - Press the Manage button in the top right of the screen to exit.



Congratulations, you now know the basics on how to use Cydia!

Step 9: Suggested Sources

Step 10: Suggested Apps

Categories - put your apps into folders, unlimited room now!
Stack - like the stacks for your rocket dock or apple dock.
Customize - customize the look and feel of your ipod/iphone
Supreme Preferences - more settings that's built into your settings app
WinterBoard - similair to customize, but not as customizable
AptBackup - allows you to backup all your jailbroken apps to re-download automatically.

CyDelete - delete Cydia icons straight from your Springboard!
Five Icon Dock - have 5 icons in your dock instead of 4
Five IRows GUI - have 5 rows in your springboard instead of 4
Five-Column SpringBoard - have 5 columns in your springboard instead of 4
iBlank - create blank spaces for your springboard
MobileMusicPlayerFlip - for ipod touch users: combines music and video into one: iPod

QuickGold - hit your home button while on springboard to bring up a complete search engine to find apps easily!
SBsettings - swipe from the top of your ipod/iphone down to get brightness adjust, wifi toggle, and more!
KeepAwake - SBsettings toggle to keep your wifi on after your screen shuts off.

MathTyper - math icons added to your keyboard
hClipboard - copy and paste tool within your keyboard

Insomania - leave your wifi on without having to keep your screen on, great for long downloads!
LiveClock - animated clock over your clock app
Lock Calendar - have your calendar on your lockscreen!
WeatherIcon - overlay of your weather icon to be up to date and current, temp and picture!

Metronome - really good metronome
mxTube - download youtube videos for offline viewing

SynchStep - play music that matches your step
Pocket Touch - easy play, pause, etc. controls for your ipod/iphone while it's in your pocket

GBA - Game Boy Advanced, need I say more?
gpSPhone - Gameboy advanced emulator
GBA Bios File - required file for it to work
GBA ROMS (Packages) - games!
genesis4iphone - SEGA Genesis, need I say more?
GENESIS ROMS (Packages) - games!
NES - Classic Nintendo Games, need I say more?
NES ROMS (Package) - games!

Yellowsn0w or Dev-Team (can be found under two different names) - have T-mobile for a phone service
Installous - download directly to your iPhone, the apps from (illegal copies of apps)
Hackulous Security - security for the Installous app.

**Pictures coming soon!

Step 11: Wrap Up

Thanks for viewing my instructable! be sure to check out my other ones, and rate and comment them as you see fit.

You should now know how to:

1. Finding the App
2. Upgrading Cydia
3. Update your Applications
4.Searching for New Applications
5. Installing New Applications
6. Remove or Reinstall Applications
7. Adding Sources
8. View and Manage Storage


9. Have Some great Suggested Sources
10. Have Some great Suggested Apps

As always, I'm open to any form of constructive criticism. Let me know how you like my Instructables.

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