How to Use IHaxGamez




Introduction: How to Use IHaxGamez

Hey everyone Today I am going to talk about iHaxGamez. IHaxgamex Is a cheat engine. For those of you who don't know what a cheat engine is it is a software that changes numbers in the game. For example ammo, lives, and money. It is perfectly legal (as long as you don't use it on an public online game like club penguin).


Step 1: Open IHaxGamez

click on iHaxGamez and it will ask for your password, enter it in and you will come to the process list.

Step 2: The Process List

It will then show you a process list since we are going to hack safari click it and press search.

Step 3: The Search

Now open your game and get to an area where there is no enemies. multiply the amount of the thing you want by 8 and put it in the search box. There will be many results. To narrow your results use 1 of the things you have then multiply the amount you have now times 8 and put it in the current value box.

Step 4: Hacking in Itself

Now when you narrowed it down between 1-5 searches enter the new number of the amount you want for example 280-10000000. DON'T OVER DO IT OR IT WONT WORK! 

Step 5: Now Go Destroy and Enjoy!

Go on a rampage and win your game!

Step 6: Some Hints

1. If you want to hack more than 1 thing open the procces list, select safari, and do the same exact thing!

2. Look at my pictures they have hints

3. Don't over do it.

4. If after you narrow it and there is still a lot try narrowing it  some more by restarting and use more of the thing. 


Step 7: Thats All for Now!

Place any thoughts or questions in the comment box!
I'll be back with a new instructable soon!

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    12 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It says 0 found when i put in the current value, do you have any idea on how to help me?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is a blast from the past. I made this like 4 years ago! Some games aren't crack able, they sometimes have protections that wont allow any changes to happen. Sorry I can't be much help. Enjoy!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Usually what happens is a warning message comes up and says something like"0 is not detailed enough and will take a very long time to narrow it down". Any way it usually ends up freezing the application. Try it, if it freezes just quit!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for taking some time and effort to write an instructable,,, here's some constructive criticism...

    A) The worst that can happen isn't just being 'kicked' when you hack an online game - you could lose your account, have your IP be banned, and lose any money you may have invested into the game.
    B) Is this Mac only, or Windows also?
    C) You should include a link to the website for IHaxGamez
    D) You've presented one very restrictive method for searching for a value; multiplying the number by 8 works on half or les of the games out there. Many use the value as-is, some multiply it by 2 or 10, and some divide by 8 instead of multiplying. Others will use more ingenious methods to try and prevent hacking like this. You should either go very much more in depth on the theory behind what you're doing and why when combing for values, or be much more general and less restrictive in your advice.
    E) As to your comment, "NEVER EVER SEARCH, OR PUT YOUR CURRENT VALUE TO 0!!!!" - I would heartily disagree with this. Very often, you will need to do one or both of these. Either learn a LOT more about what is going on behind the scenes and how to use the program before writing an instructable about it, or if you do know more... well don't be so lazy and assume your readers are ignorant (or worse, stupid).
    Whichever the issue is, your ignorance or you assuming your reader's ignorance; well both lead to a very bad guide/instructable.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I only meant this to be an instructable for people who wanted to hack fast and easy, NOT to get in depth and give a big confusing explanation. Just so you know I did do research and you know what I found! My resources say that for FLASH GAMES you multiply by 8. Also If you search 0 in any way you will get a lot of results that cannot be narrowed down. I am not a tech genius so get back to me on anything you find!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Even within flash based games, there are several methods of encoding numbers to make hacking harder; based on my experience (limited to flash games), less than half would succeed if you multiply by 8 to find a value. If all you wish to do is a fast and easy (or quick and dirty) version of hacking, it is better to start with an unknown value and then search for increased or decreased values as appropriate. That way you don't have to worry about what number to use to multiply (or divide) by.