How to Use LightScribe and Lable Your Discs!

Introduction: How to Use LightScribe and Lable Your Discs!

Hi, I just made my first disc using LightScribe.  It is very easy to do and gives perfect results!  This is my first real Instructable, I have had three others but removed them for had just rushed through them.  Please comment and rate.  Sorry ror the image quality.  My camera has is made for videos and not pics.  The video quality of my camera is good but the image quality isn't.  I use a Sony HandyCam Hybrid DCR-DVD650 with Wide LCD, a Carl Zeis Vario-Tessar Optical Zoom of 60X, a Digital Zoom of 200X, Dolby Digital stereo creator, and accepts any Mini DVD +R, +RW, +R DL, -R, and -RW disc (but works best with Sony discs).  The image quality's are 250K pixels when set on 16:9 and 340K pixels when set on 4:3.  I am thinking of getting a cheap digital camera made for pics and has a 2.0 Megapixel rating.  If any one knows of one that is sold at Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy and is $50 or less, please PM me with info on it so I can save my money and get it.  When I get one I will post better pics.  If I cannot find one I will use my phone and make a rig to use it with my tripod (kind-of like the one in the Spy Tech issue of Make Magazine on Page 64).  I will do that because my phones camera has a 2.0 Megapixel rating.

Please rate AND comment, I would like to become a better Instructable writer and contributor of all things DIY.  Thank you.

Step 1: Get What You Need!

Software compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux (all links for windows)
2 Templet Labeler
3 Simple Labeler

Choose from many

LightScribe enabled drive and discs

Step 2: Choose Label Layout.

Pick out your label layout.  I am using the "Barcode Label".  Some labels can have pictures added, and all labels can have words added.

Step 3: Put a Disc in the Drive.

Put the disc in the drive label side down.  This is required to have the label printed.

Step 4: Print the Label.

Print the label it will take a while to print (in some cases up to half an hour).

Step 5: Use Disc Like Any Other One.

You can now use it like any other disc just put label side up.  The disc can have movies, music or data on them.

Step 6: Troubleshooting:(

When I use LightScribe i get an error message:(  I figured out that if I run the print in three parts I get a perfect label!  I first run it with "Draft" quality, then "Normal" quality, and then finally "Best" quality.

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    1) Are lightscribe DVDRWs common nowadays? (I thought it never came off the ground), and what is the price range?

    2) Is it possible to set the amount of lines per mm (or lines per ").

        -To make a diffraction grating-

    3) Is it possible to make different reflecting surfaces while the lines still point in the same direction? (to be used in making a 'blazed' grating- one which disperses much more light into one side).

    All these questions in order to one day make an imaging spectroscope (make pictures in multiple bandpass wavelengths)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    1- yes they are common.  best buy and target both sell them in store.  cds cost about a dollar a disc and dvds are about 80 cents a disc at best buy.

    2- no

    3- no

    i hope this was helpfull please rate