How to Use Steam and RealPlayer As a Browser

Introduction: How to Use Steam and RealPlayer As a Browser

When I think of RealPlayer, I think of a media player. Then when I think of Steam I think of an online gaming shop. But did you know, you can actually use them as a browser, I don't know why you would want to but yeah. The functionality is there. (I didn't mean to rhyme...)

Step 1: Realplayer

Doing it in RealPlayer is really rather simple. Open up Realplayer, go to the "RealPlayer" tab, then "File" then "Open..." and paste in the webpage (probably best to go for Google) It'll use your internet explorer settings.

Step 2: Steam

Browsing in Steam is a little more confusing. Open up Steam and go to the top of your screen and hit "View" Then go to "Big Picture Mode". You then need to click "STORE" and then go to the lower-left of your screen and hit "WEB" and now your done. You can actually use a game pad to browse! Use the triggers to change tab; and so on. If you have Steam in your notification area, right-click the steam icon and hit "Big Picture". To go back press "STEAM"

Step 3: Outro

So there you have it, how to use Steam and RealPlayer as an internet browser.... Any suggestions just pop in the comments!

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