How to Use WTV020SD-16P With Arduino

Introduction: How to Use WTV020SD-16P With Arduino

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WTV020SD-16P is an excellent module for adding music on to electronic projects. The module can be used with/without Arduino.

There are several things to be considered while working with this module. For example, it works with only 2GB microSD card and it supports only AD4 format music file.

Check this tutorial to know about AD4 file format and other important issues of this module.

I found that the module works in two different ways:
a. MP3 mode (Without Arduino): In this mode, AD4 format music files are played by basic connection. This is the simplest mode.
The following experiment photo depicts the MP3 mode of wtv020SD-16P.

WTV020SD Music Module with Audio amplifier

You can also check the following tutorials.
a. Mp3 mode circuit-basic.
b. Mp3 mode circuit with LM386 based audio amplifier


b. With Arduino: This music module also works with Arduino giving more flexibility in control over your music files.
Watch the video:

You can get details of the above experiment on the following pages:
a. Experiment 1- Arduino and WTV020SD-16P
b. Experiment 2
c. Library



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    18 Discussions

    What is the code? Do not be if I am using the correct one. Does it spend it to me as response, please?

    1 reply

    You will find all the answers and code and known issues here:

    Can i use WTV020SD-16P for my ultrasonic sensor? Im building a blind stick.

    If the left sensor senses an obstacle, it will tell GO RIGHT.

    And if it detects an obstacle on the right sensor, it will tell GO LEFT.

    1 reply

    Damn, if I saw this earlier... You should ask the "analog dude" at university ;) He worked with this before.

    How did the blind stick work out? Sorry I missed the competition day was in other presentations.

    Can you tell me please the differences WTV020-SD-16P vs BY8001-16P ?

    WTV020 chip module plug-in SD card, supports 32M ~ 1GBit capacity card

    Keep the good work up my friend. Good to see that you'r active.I like this project.

    I am having trouble with my WTV020-SD-16P module. I have followed the circuits given for MP3 mode but the speaker I have didnt sound. I've tried using a 1W, 8ohms speaker, a 3W, 1ohm speaker still I get the same problem. I even used an amplifier also to play the music from SD but all I hear is humming from speakers. One thing I am wondering also is everytime I put a supply of 3.3V to the module, the led connected to the busy port blinks only and sometimes it blinks first a few minutes then led turns on steady. it just turns off again when I click play and next button. What do you think is the problem?

    i wanted to build a system in which there is a box and when the box is opened,the sound starts playing....sort of a jack in the box toy...plz help how to make such a connection that plays sound only when the box is opened..thanx!!

    1 reply

    I think that you can do it in this way...just a logic..I don't know if it works. Use a obstacle sensor module that you can find on Ebay.
    When the box is closed, it appears as an obstacle to the sensor module and send sound OFF signal to the circuit via Arduino and when you open the box, there is no obstacle to the obstacle sensor, so, in that case, send a sound ON signal to the circuit via Arduino. I think this is the simplest idea. Please write if you understood what I mean.

    hi guys, im new to this and this has helped me a great deal but i cant get my wtv020 to work now. when i push the button, it makes a slight sound and then goes off. am i doing something wrong. can it be lack of power or wrong files, no idea

    1 reply

    it makes a beep sound and goes off. please bear in mind that it was working but decided to stop


    I tried this tutorial but no sound are played in the B mode (with arduino) (two line serial mode).
    I've used the arduino code and library indicate in this page (the program run and the serial console indicate the sound should be played) but no sound.
    I think the wtv020sd-16p module stay in mp3 mode and don't want run in two line serial mode.

    The A mode work properly on my wtv020sd-16p module (without arduino) (MP3 Mode). But not the B mode of this tutorial...
    I've verified all the wire...

    Some idea of the issue of this problem ?

    Tried with 1Gb and worked properly.
    What actually made me waste some time was the naming convention of the file. I had to check the specs to find out that the ad4 files should be named 0000.ad4, 0001.ad4 and so on...


    Id like to add the importance of the SD card.
    I ordered a Sandisk 2gb from amazon market, It did not turn up in retail packaging but was recognised by the PC.
    Loaded the sample files and used the module without the arduino for simplicity. It did not work and believed the SD card to be FAKE!
    Ordered another sandisk 2g card from a highstreet retailer in packaging, exact same setup and it now works properly.

    IN summery make sure the card you order is Genuine theres lots of sandDisk fakes around.

    1 reply

    Mp3 mode wiring diagram. Only need pins 4 5 8 16 13 for basic test.
    music will play as soon as button on pin 13 is pressed.