How to Use a Chainsaw: Ergonomic Stance

A chainsaw is a powerful and valuable tool, but it's also the most dangerous hand tool that can be purchased on the open market. Proper stance is absolutely necessary to lessen fatigue and avoid injuries. Learn proper techniques from a Husqvarna trainer on correct chainsaw handling, including tips for proper working position, hand and foot placement, and tested cutting methods.



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    3 years ago

    I work for northern tool and equipment and personally love husqvarna chainsaws. Sell good too


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Why exactly does a chain saw begin to cut crooked after the bar begins to wear? I believe you know what I mean. When making a cut the saw bar will not go straight down but instead will cut in a curve. When this curve becomes pronounced it will actually bind up the saw bar. I know one solution is to just turn the bar over and use the other side until it does the same. So the question is:

    What exactly is the mechanics for the saw bar doing this and is there any possible way to refurbish a bar once it has started doing this? Is it also from the chain becoming worn on the sprocket side? Will using a worn chain with a new bar cause the bar to wear out faster?

    Currently I have a lot of chains that have plenty of tooth left to sharpen but I have been buying way more replacement bars than chains. Is this more because of the quality of the bar? Do some bars have better quality than others?

    In case you are wondering I do a lot of chainsaw work.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    You have some really great information here. Thanks for sharing with the community!