How to Use a Corner to Mount an Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor


Here is a way to use the corner in a living room to mount the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor

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Step 1: Buy a 3M Command Corner Shelf

Buy a 3M Command Corner Shelf usually used in the Bathroom.

Step 2: Follow Instructions on the Back of the Box

Follow instructions on the back of the 3M box

Step 3: Put Kinect Sensor on the Corner Shelf

Put Kinect Sensor on the corner Shelf

Step 4: Use the Kinect Tuner

Use the Kinect Tuner to tune the Kinect Sensor's new position. Your corner may be a bit too high. Mounting the corner at eye level is advised if possible.

Enjoy your new Kinect setup.

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 4

    Figures, I search the internet for hours and the answer was right here on instructables.... I have a couple questions as I need to do this exact thing or throw out a couch and rearrange the living room... again.

    How high is that mounted? I'm understanding the recommended height is 6 feet but that appears to be higher.

    Have you had any issues since mounting it this way?

    Are you finding yourself much closer to the screen?

    How much space is between your tv and the wall?

    5 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 4

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks for your interest in my solution. The following are my answers. I hope my answers will be useful to you. I apologized in advance as my info is not extremely accurate. I also did not do any measurements due to lack of a measuring tape.

    Q: How high is that mounted?
    Ans: More then 1.8 meters. It is above the recommended height.

    Q: Have you had any issues since mounting it this way?
    Ans: I had to use the Kinect Tuner once as it was seeing too much ceiling and not enough of me. After running Kinect Tuner, the Kinect camera faced down to see me properly. That is the only height related issue.

    The other issue was the amount of light coming from the windows. I had to close my windows a little to ensure the amount of light in the living room was uniform.

    Q: Are you finding yourself much closer to the screen?
    Ans: I find myself much further from the screen. The reason being the Kinect sensor is not just high up, it is also far away from the TV. There is a significant amount of distance other then height. Thus less play space is needed for it to work. I did not need to move an entire Sofa Chair anymore after setting my Kinect sensor this way.

    Q: How much space is between your tv and the wall?
    Ans: Approximately 0.8meters.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 4

    Thanks for the response.. I'll probably pick up a shelf today and give it a shot, I have to move a lamp now but that's much better than moving the couch.

    Hopefully I can test it before mounting the shelf somehow and try to accurately determine the difference in play area.


    I went to the store today and picked up a couple shelves for this purpose I opted to get wooden ones called "Shelf Made instant shelf". They are 12" x 12" and require no tools.

    I mounted the shelf 5 ft 11 inches from the floor. It is 3 feet back from the front of my tv which the kinect previously rested on. I ran the setup again and it works great. It has not completely solved my issue and I still need to get rid of some furniture but it cut the play area distanced from the screen down by appx 3 feet.


    I was trying to find a good picture showing the instructions but none were clear enough. I found that it is actually called KV instant corner shelf or Knape and Vogt instant corner shelf although I didn't see that anywhere on the box.

    Basically you get 5 screws(I only used 4) with thick heads to screw in by hand, once you have them placed the shelf slides right over them as it has a groove on the two corners.