How to Use a Hammer Drill to Vibrate Concrete to Get Rid of Air Bubbles

Introduction: How to Use a Hammer Drill to Vibrate Concrete to Get Rid of Air Bubbles

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This significantly extends the range of what the drill can do!  I just drilled 3/4 way into a piece of 2 by 4  wood with a smaller diameter wood bit, then drilled the hammer bit into it for a really tight fit.   Next screw on  a flat piece of wood to fit the concrete  you are vibrating.  It can be wide or long or whatever.  The drill has 3 settings,  drill +hammer,  hammer only and drill only. Set the drill to "hammer only" and start vibrating the concrete!   It is that simple! I had a big project with really hard rocks to drill and break into pieces  and they wore out a drill  bit head on my Bosch hammer drill. I still wanted to use the bit for something.       These are high performance tools so it should last a long time!  You could also use it to vibrate castings to good effect.   Another option is different attachments to go deep in the wet concrete. 

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    Yeah, I think so. I have been very busy at work (normal rock masonry, not concrete work) but I hope to do some very dry concrete work soon, (hobby stuff) and I will use it to vibrate the mix to a more compact state.