How to Use Casting Tools and Equipment

Introduction: How to Use Casting Tools and Equipment

I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.

This instructable will guide you through the tools and equipment used for casting aluminum. Please refer to my other instructables for preparing your mold, operating the furnace, personal protection gear and the pouring process.

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Step 1: Metal

We are using aluminum. Cut pieces of aluminum on the vertical bandsaw using a course blade to size of your crucible. Wear safety goggles.

Step 2: Crucible

Use a crucible made of Clay Graphite or Silicone Carbide to withstand the temperature of molten metal. Fill with aluminum pieces.

Step 3: Furnace

Load your Crucible into the furnace. Follow my instructable on how to safely and properly operate a casting furnace for detailed instructions on this step.

Step 4: Refractory Bricks

Your poring area needs to be covered with either sand or refractory brick in case of outpour from your molds.

Step 5: Personal Protection Gear

This very impotant step is broken down in my personal casting protection instructable. Please do read it if you're attempting to cast.

Step 6: Lighting Devices

A match a sparking tool or map gas torch can be used to ignite the furnace.

Step 7: Tongs

Use proper steal tongs designed for picking the crucible out of the furnace. 

Step 8: Crucible Ring

After picking the crucible out of the furnace, it is placed in the ring and secured in place with the clamp shown in the picture. It will be grabbed by two opposing sides by two people for the pour. Before placing hot crucible into the ring make sure to put some sand on the ground underneath.

Step 9: Lid Pole

Last but not least a big steal rod is used to lift the furnace lid off of the furnace once again by two people from opposing sides. 

Come to TechShop Menlo Park and I'll assist you in putting these tools into use!

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