How to Use Crushed Paper for Drawing (Paper Crumbling Drawing)



Paper crumbling is a very nice way to add effects to otherwise simple drawings. It is also one of the best ways to use crushed and crinkled chart papers or drawing sheets.

The process is as simple as it gets.

Skill : Beginner

Material Required :

  • Crushed or new Drawing Sheet
  • Water colors
  • Sketch Pens
  • Pencil & eraser

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Step 1: Make a Drawing

Take a drawing sheet or any white blank paper and draw the drawing on it.

It is recommended to draw first with a pencil before crumbling it. Otherwise it would be difficult to erase or modify the drawing properly as paper is crumbled.

Step 2: Crumbling the Paper

Now crumble the paper to form a ball out of it.

Now, open the paper ball and turn over to other side of page. Crumble it to a ball from this side as well. This results in better effects instead of hard pressing on one side.

Step 3: Completing Drawing

Now open the sheet and complete the drawing on it. Don't try to straighten it up by pressing over it.

You will feel some 'disturbance' in outlining it and filling color. This 'disturbance' is indeed required and would give amazing crumbled impressions.

You may cut out the drawing and paste is over other drawings.

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