How to Use MBlock Software to Control Arduino UNO Board - Potentiometer With LED Light




I start to use mBlock software since I got my mBot robot kit. mBlock is a graphical programming software which is designed based on Scratch 2.0 and compaible with Arduino UNO, mega 2560, leonardo and etc, more hardware will be supported in the future. This instructable will show how to use mBlock to control Arduino UNO board to achieve its basic function.

Step 1: The Tutorail Contents

1. Use Arduino instructions of mBlock to program

2. Use Dupont line to connect each component

3. Connect to USB cable and install firmware

4. Run program online

5. Run program offline

Step 2: Part Lists

  • 1x Breadboard
  • 1x Potentiometer
  • 1x LED
  • 1x 1K resistance
  • 5x Dupont lines
  • 1x Arduino UNO board

Step 3: Start to Program

Use mBlock to write programs, select Arduino Uno board and complete programming.

Step 4: Build the Circuit

After finish building the circuit, connect the Arduino UNO board and computer via USB cable, select the serial port except COM1, then install the firmware so that the board can identify the mBlock instructions. Finally, you can rotate the potentiometer to change the luminance of the LED light.

Step 5: Video Tutorial

This video will clearly introduce how to use the Arduino UNO board to control the potentiometer with LED light.

If you like this software, please download here.

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    Question 12 months ago on Step 5

    please explain about Bluetooth connectivity between computer and arduino.

    Can i program arduino using mblock android version? i mean can i use andoid tablet to program arduino using mblock?

    Note: The video you have shared is not working