How to Use Recycled Cans to Make Hanging Plant Can Pot




Let us do some Green, using the recycled can and little plant to make your own small plant garden in your room. You might like the plant, but stop at the beautiful and expensive plant pot. You may want to hang the plant pot on your bedroom wall, but hesitate the plant pot is too heavy to the wall. That is totally no problem; we will DIY a SUPER cheap and light plant pot today.

This handcraft will take half of your day to do it, BUT the time used just for waiting the paint drying, so the exact time for making this is ONLY 30 MINUTES. Let us do it now if you interested in!!!

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Step 1: Preparations (implements Needed, Material Needed)

All needed could buy from Walmart. I did not post all of the implements in the photo, I used the regular knife to replace Stanley knife, since I don’t have one, but the Stanley knife is safer than regular knife. The paper I used was a cardboard, I used it as an under boarding, it was not required to do this handcraft.

◦ Material needed: Cans, twisted jute twine, soil, plant.

◦ Implements needed: Stanley knife, scissor, paper, watercolor paint, painting plastic palette, mark pen and artist brushes.

Step 2: Make Two Handle Holes.

We make the handle holed first, because we will paint the cans later, the holes can perfectly cover by the paint, makes the cans look integrative. (Please ignore the open side of this can, we will do this later)

◦ Use mark pen to mark two opposite points on the topside of the can for fixing the holes position.

◦ Make two holes at the fixed opposite ends of the top on the other side of the rim using a Stanley knife and scissor.

(Caution: the surface of the cans is very smooth, it will hurt your hand if you’re cutting too hard)

Step 3: Cut Cans Side Face.

◦ Draw a small circle on paper (no bigger than the side of the can), cut it out use scissor

◦ Use the paper as profile and fixed it use tape on the can

◦ Cut the side face of the can use a Stanley knife and scissor.

(Tips: you may need to use the Stanley knife to make an open mouth first, then use scissor to cut the rest part.)

◦ Create a safer edge by perforating the edge of the can every 0.25-0.5 cm using scissor.

◦ Fold the newly cut aluminum into the can to create a smoother edge.

(Caution: keep the cans away from children before you finished the smoother edge. The cutting edges are very dangerous, may scratch the children)

Step 4: Color Cans With Watercolor Paint.

Painting looks easiest section in this handcraft, but actually it is the hardest one for me. I washed the can and redraw the picture for three times. Finally, I got a best one, although it still looked weird.

The pictures shows how did I painted, you could draw it by your ways.

◦ Use the white paint to cover all can first for further paint.

◦ If you want, you could cover second time for better result.

◦ Use brush to paint the cans in your style. (Wear gloves when you doing paint.)

(Tips: Using different types of artist brushes to make your work, use flat brush to paint the body of cans, use scruffy brush to make clouds or trees, use liner brush to draw the details or lines, use the script liner brush to write letter. That will make your painting easier.)

◦ If you are not satisfied with your work, you could use water to wash the paint away, and then draw another one.

Step 5: Make Handle.

◦ Use type to fix two sections twisted jute twines on the table, put a paper under the two twisted jute twines.

◦ Color two sections of twisted jute twine in different color use brushes.

◦ Use two twisted jute twines threading through one hole that we made in step 2.

◦ Tie a knot at the end of the jute twine so it is secure.

◦ Loop two twisted jute twines for making the handle more secure.

◦ Then threading the end of twisted jute twine through the other hole and tie a knot.

(Tips: you could use type or glue to adhere two twisted jute twine together, which will make you’re easier to thread.)

Step 6: Cultivate Plants.

I forgot to take pictures during this time, because the soil was full of my hands, sorry, but this is a really easy step, enjoy!

◦ Put some soil in the bottom of the can first. Compacted the soil.

◦ Then put the plant in, adjust the position of the plant.

◦ Use your one hand to hold the plant, use another hand to put the rest soil to bolster the plant.

(Tips: do not use too large plant, the cans are too small to contain it.)

Step 7: Done

Hey, come and see my work, it is very beautiful, isn't it?

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