How to Use the Google Earth Flyght Simulator

Introduction: How to Use the Google Earth Flyght Simulator

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This is an easy guide in how to use this fun tool (or better, game), of  Google Eatrh.

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Step 1: Materials

-Google Eatrh

Step 2: Opening the Google Earth Flyght Simulator

Open Google Earth and in the Tools menu, select "Enter to the Flight Simulator...", or just press Ctrl+Alt+A

Step 3: Select Your Plane and Airport

Select your airplane and your airport, the SR22 is easyest if is the first time you use the Flight Simulator. If you have a joystick, select the "Activatet Joystick" button

Step 4: Fly the Plane

In the Simulator it will appear tha controls of the plane:

4-Vertical Speed (feet per minute)
10-Indicators flap and landing gear
11-Tilt angle (degrees)
12-Altitude (feet above sea level)

To pause the Simulator press Space.

Step 5: Let's Guet Startet #1: Taking Off

Press "RePág" to acellerate, then, when the Velocity controll marks 130kph, press the down arrow button in the keyboard. The plane will take off.

Step 6: Fly Tha Plane

To fly the plane with out crash, you'll need practice but you'll can do it... Good luck!

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