How to Use the Upcoming Queue on

In this instructable I will outline the steps to get started using the Upcoming Queue along with some common mistakes that keep your post from reaching the front page.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, and want to know more, please visit

What is the Queue? Find out here.

Step 1: Register

First, lets register on the blog.

The red arrow denotes where on the site the register button is. Go ahead and click that and go through the registry process. Well worth it in my opinion.

After registration and you have successfully logged on, click the "login" button again denoted by the green arrow. This will open up the Neatorama Dashboard.

On the right side of the Dashboard, click on the Profile button. This will allow you to change your password to something a bit easier to remember.

Now lets make a Post!

Step 2: Getting Started on the Queue

First and foremost, you need to find something that you find interesting, or "Neat". Whether is be a work of art, a fantastic website, or some new viral awesomeness. Once you have found your subject, do a quick search on the blog and on the queue to make sure your post is not going to be a duplicate. Nothing more embarassing than getting your post "DUPE'ed".

This is probably the hardest part of the entire Queue process. But remember, this blog is about having fun, so try and keep with that ideal. No matter what, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

So you think you have a neat post and its not a duplicate?
Well hotdog! Lets put it on the Queue!

Step 3: Lets Review the Tips

Lets review the available "Tips" on the site bit clicking the tips link. Or click here.

#1 Post Entry. It is very important to use your own words in this section not only will people voting on your submission realize you put no effort into this post but you will end up with very silly HTML tags.

"Important: Please do not cut and paste, as this will result in incorrectly formatted post (with HTML codes showing)."

This is clearly shown in the submission below. The <span> tags are very annoying and may cause your post not to make it to the front page.

Also, keep your post entry short and to the point. Anything more than a paragraph is too much, and will make people pass it up.

#2 Quote from the original source. Again, its is important to find a short and to the point quote. Keep in mind that you can use the post entry and quote to set up some sort of "sneak peak" or a "teaser" to get people to click on the link. But do not put up false information for a completely different link. That is just trolling and will not get you to the front page.

The rest is fairly straight forward, and if there are anymore question about what the queue is or how to use it, click the Queue faq as the bottom of the page.

Now that you have a brief description of what needs to be done, lets go ahead and get started.

Pro Tip: Do not post Obvious Advertisements! Some are neat, don't get me wrong, but no more Cellphone ads!

Step 4: First Decision...

You have your subject and you know what you have to do.

But is your post a Youtube link or video, or is it just a regular link? (Keep in mind that you can use a regular link post and link it to a Youtube clip.)

After clicking "Submit New Post" on the Queue tab, you are greeted with your first decision.

If you have a Youtube post, and choose that option, The steps are essentually the same, however on the next step you will be asked to give the link directly to the Youtube clip.

You made your choice, now lets hit the "Next" button and go on to step 2!

Step 5: Step 2: the Fun Begins...

Remember: Keep the Entry short and to the point. Avoid lengthy entries and quotes.

Create an interesting and eye catching title, this is what is going to draw people into your post.

Quote from the original site, and not the blog or mediator site you found it on.

"Link to the Original Source" This is very important, link DIRECTLY to the site that the Neat stuff is on, not the blog or mediator site! You will get your opportunity to give credit in the next text bar.

"Via Credit" Here is where the blog or mediator site goes. It is nice to give credit where credit is due. Plus you will be helping out another blog. That is just good karma people.

Use descriptive tags in the option. This will help people search for your post after it has made it to the front page.

Now click Next!

Step 6: Choose a Thumbnail Picture

This step is skipped if you had chosen a Youtube post.

The link you gave to the form for the original site will automatically choose some options for you.

I would suggest not choosing to "Do not include an image". The image is one of the things that will draw people into your post and will help you make it to the front page. This option should only be picked if you have given "No thumbnail images were found at the link address you specified".

So you have it written up, and you have a picture. Click next to preview and make final changes to your post!

Step 7: Final Step: Submission

Congratulations you've made it to the "submit" portion of this instructable!

What you see on this step is what everyone else is going to see. If you find something misspelled or something that could look better, fix it now by hitting the "back" button.

If everything looks great, go ahead and click submit!

Now your posts fate is in the hands of the other Neatorama visitors. While you wait for your post to make it to the front page, vote on other Upcoming Queue submission!



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    Miss Cellania

    9 years ago on Step 7

    Fascinating. I have never posted using the UQ, but I edit the submitted posts a lot. Some of the problems I encounter are too little information, too much text, the html tags (of course), grammar and spelling, and misused quotes. All that can be fixed if the submitted link or video is awesome -that's the most important part!