How to Use the Old Clothes to Make a Little Bear

what does a old clothe that we didn't wear  can do, NOW we can use it to make a little bear! following me !

Toys are most popular sweet and adorable for children. They are usually the first stuff to a baby. Made of very soft materials, they are filled with wool or cotton to give a softer feel. there is no one child in the world who does not like a stuffed animal. Stuffed animals are often made of cartoon characters or animals. The most famous and respected toy is "Teddy Bear". The first Teddy Bear was launched in 1880.

Step 1: Tools / Materials

Used Clothing, a needle and thread, buttons Ribbon

Step 2: Paint the Outline of the Bear on the Paper, Secured With Pins on Not Wearing Clothes, Mainly Two - Storey , With Needle and Thread Sewing. Below the Left Ear and Hand Side Is Not Stitched Cut.

Step 3: Tear Sheet of Paper, Cut Extra on the Side of the Fabric, the Initial Pattern of the Bear Came Out

Step 4: Flip, Bearing in Mind That When You Flip, Don't Push It Good Sewing Needle and Apart

Step 5: Make a Pair of Ears in the Same Way

Step 6: Using Seaming Needles Put Ears Sewing in Little Bear's Head

Step 7: Put the Cotton Into the Bear's Body , Sew Opening Closes and His Neck in a Circle

Step 8: Sticky Buttons As Eye and Mouth, and Sticking a Bow on His Neck

Step 9: Cute Little Bear Has Been Done



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