How to Use Until the End a Latex Adhesive Can

Introduction: How to Use Until the End a Latex Adhesive Can

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The latex adhesive bought ln can is much more economic that the one that it comes in pomo, but it should be used with certain cautions so that it doesn't become dry prematurely

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Step 1: The Secret: to Protect the Can's Mouth and the Lid's Borders.

When one open the can, they are almost always formed some adhesive filaments that stick and they dry off in the mouth of the can and in the border of the cover. Exactly in the locus in quo it should not have none irregularity.

This is increased very much when beginning to use the adhesive, because it is almost unavoidable that the mouth of the can is filled of dry remains of the product.

Step 2: A Very Simple Way to Protect the Closing of the Can.

1) To put the lid in a locus in quo cannot get dirty.

2) To cover with a plastic sheet the mouth of the can, leaving a central hole to take out the adhesive.

An alternative is to take and old can with a lid of the same size and make a hole in the center of the lid. But this requires more work.

Step 3: After Finishing Using the Adhesive...

Take out the leaf of plastic carefully, cover the can, and in some months when you need use it again, there it will be in perfect state.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea, you can also use a small finish nail to punch some holes in the inside lip of the can so that the glue will drain out of the bottom lid lip and back into the can. Another thing. These adhesives always dry out over time even if the lid is on. A way to stop this is to put the lid on really good and store the can upside down. I've done this with good results. Be sure to pound the lid on good though.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    If I didn't understand bad (I don't speak English, sorry), those holes will also allow that the adhesive dries off. That is to say that will be more harmful than beneficial. Regarding putting the can face down, I made it in winter, but when it came the summer the can lifted pressure, it opened up and it made me a small disaster.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Why is a persons face on your things?