How to Use Your Iphone to Store or Transfer Data(Storage Device)




1. install i tunes,

2. download itools software

3. Extract it and run the itools application.

4.connect the iphone .

you can use storage option to save your file


5. go to filesystem --> voice memo

(you can install any application such as voice recorder or any app which will create internal folder in iphone file system and use that folder)

6. create folder and copy your content to it

refer screens for more info :)


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    3 Discussions

    Richard Tan

    5 months ago

    This post is outdated, and the app it referred is in a version of 2013, not compatible with the latest Apple mobile system iOS 12. Just like Hayleyi said, plenty of programs can easily make it, but all of them are not free, from 30$ - 80$. A full iPhone manager program list:


    2 years ago

    To use your iPhone as a storage device, you can try an iOS File Manager like AnyTrans. It lets you use your iPhone as a USB flash drive by giving you freedom to transfer files, documents, pictures, music and more to/from your iPhone to computer or another iDevice.