How to Use Your Bible.





Introduction: How to Use Your Bible.

How To Use Your Bible.

There are many people who do not know how to find scriptures in their bibles. If you do not know how then hopefully my post will help you. If you noticed the bible has many books. They are not necessarily in chronological order so that causes some confusion. Don’t let that deter you from studying. The more you read it and come to understand it the more you will understand the order of things. In most bibles there is a table of contents with a list of the books and the page number that they start on. In each book there are chapters. In each chapter there are sentences or some will refer to them as verses. I will show you more clearly in the pictures .

If we wanted to look up the scripture Proverbs 24:1 , then we would open our bible to the table of contents. Sorry the images aren’t clearer, I had to use my phone to take the pictures. Anyways when you look in the table of contents for proverbs you will see the page number that it starts at to the right of the book. In this bible it is page number 398 . So you would turn to page number 398. To find the chapter it will be in larger numbers and the sentences or verses are the smaller size numbers. After you turn to page 398 you would look for the large number 24. Then you would look through the chapter for the second number which is the verse. In this case it would be 1.

This picture shows chapter 24:1 . Now that you know how to look up a scripture try finding Psalm 83:18 you will find God’s name in most bibles. Remember the first number is the chapter and the second number is the verse. If this helps you let me know by leaving a comment.



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    Nice small instructable. Very concise and descriptive. Why that one person had so much trouble I cannot comprehend. There is nothing in the post that points in any way to indoctrination. The author merely posted on how to use it like any other reference work. Not one mention of Jesus throughout the short instructable. Yes mention of God, but what do you expect when consulting a literary work that is written on that subject. I think RobinB2 over reacted a tad bit too much. Though I appreciate the restraint of people on both sides to not encourage escalation. It's merely how to use a bible. No attempt at all in this post to proselytize anybody. I'm glad the moderators left it up. Especially if it helps someone who is nervous about using the book.

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    Thank you driskelijbm. I didn't understand why she was so angry either. It made me sad that she is a teacher. As I spoke back and forth with her it became obvious that she did not want people to think for themselves. To me that showed that if her students tried to be creative thinkers she most likely would have disciplined them for thinking for themselves. I put this post up at the request of friends. I expected a little bit of negative reaction but nothing like how she reacted. It is so up lifting to have a nice comment like that.

    I never realized it either until I started asking people why they didn't read the bible and they explained to me that it confused them. It is nice to see how much you love studying the bible.

    Just do a search on religion. Those post have been here for a while. I would not want you for a teacher because you do not believe in letting people decide for themselves. You would rather keep viewpoints or ideas that you don't agree with hidden. I have not posted my beliefs here. I posted a few scriptures, I did not tell anyone what to think when they read them. That is up to them. It seems you would rather think for other people rather then letting them think for themselves. As for the doctrine I was raised with most of my family are Catholics and Baptist. I read the bible the whole way through when I was young and noticed that they were not teaching what was in the bible. The beliefs I have now I was aware of way before I knew there others who seen these truths. It is obvious that you do not have faith in your own beliefs or you would not feel threatened by mine. As for anyone pushing a belief on someone. When someone goes to any website they have a choice, they do not have to look at that page they can close it. This site is called instructables, I have seen instructions on here for math, grammar, and yes religion.

    Hi again.

    I had never seen a religious post on this website so I hadn't ever posted on this issue before. I don't think I will bother to post on this again as I don't really think you would ever accept views other than your own, as usual you are so indoctrinated that no amount of talking would ever have any effect. The main reason I posted initially was that I was annoyed and disappointed that a website aimed an making things had been hijacked for the purpose of pushing religious doctrines. I was hoping that it might be noticed by the people who run the site so that they could keep it for what I had supposed was its main purpose. I am a teacher in the UK and where in the past I had recommended this website to students I will now avoid it as I do not want any of my students to be subject to this awful attempted indoctrination. I have always thought that others could practice any belief they liked as long as they didn't push it onto me, and that is what I think you do. But I guess that will all this give you extra points in your quest for eternal salvation. My being mean and nasty to you will no doubt encourage more of this nonsense so I'll now shut up.

    I am curious there are other post on religion here. I am wondering if RobinB2 has commented on their instructable? If not why is it that a person so bothered by an instructable would continue to post to it? Could it be for the same reason the Pharisees wouldn't leave Jesus alone?

    You are making more false assumptions again, because they do not share my beliefs. If I fealt this was the place to share them I would have. I posted a link to my blog instead. If you don't like an instructable then you do not have to look at it.

    You didn't offend me because I expected comments like this, from biased people. I did not put this here to push a belief. Some friends ask me to because they did not know how to use their Bibles. I showed them how. They suggested that I put an instructable on here to help others to use their bibles. When someone has a comment or need more information I am going to respond . If you do not want to know or don't want me to respond to comments then don't leave a comment. I am sorry if this seems harsh but you are making a false assumption.

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    Yes you are right, I am very biased, exactly the same as you are.

    I also expected a similar reply (but thank you for taking the trouble to reply).

    The fact that you only posted this here at the request of others (who obviously believe the same as you do) has nothing to do with the fact that this is not the forum for religious beliefs. This is presumably a world wide community and in this world you are in the minority. Should we now have an instructable for the use of the Koran? We could all show how 'good' we are by having a superior knowledge of all the different dogma. This could go on for ever!!

    Hi. I don't mean to offend at all but if I wanted to read about the bible I would go to a religious website. If I want to learn about making things I go to Instructables. I find this type of pushing ideas to have the opposite effect on most people, it turns them away from religion. I am sure all those who have responded positively were already knowledgeable about how to read a bible anyway, so I see no point to this other than to push theological ideas and this is not the place for it.

    Also if you want to know more I have a blog at . I know that is a weird user name but I like making my own juice. Taste way better.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I wasn't sure this would help anyone I had hoped it would. In response to the many different sects of religion they were prophesied look at 1 Timothy 4:1-3 and 2 Timothy 4:3,4.

    The identifying marks of true worship are mentioned at 1 Corinthians 1:10, Isaiah 43:10, Acts 15:12-17

    Another thing. There are also many translation, differences for example: ESV (English Standard Version) NIV (New International Version) KJV (King James Version). So for me I own one of each because translations differ so you kind of have to find the common ground. NIV is the most common in newer churches, whereas KJV you will find in older churches and maybe even in Catholic Churches. Also Denominations, there are Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians Catholics, Conservative Baptists, Conservative Methodists...(Continued). Though each of these have something in common they are also very different. I personally am non-Denominational, because I believe that denominations divide the already divided church. Hope this helps!

    Ps Message me with any questions and I will be glad to help.

    Dakota is a website that has many tools for learning the bible

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    I liked that link. That is probably one of the easiest I've used for finding scriptures. Very fast too.


    3 years ago

    the douay-rheimes only has 13 verses in the 83 psalm