How to Wake Up People When They Are Sleeping





Introduction: How to Wake Up People When They Are Sleeping

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This is pretty funny. I will show you how to wake up people when they are slepping the funny way.

Step 1: Get the Amp

First you need to get something that you can plug your i-pod into. I used my power tour electric guitar amp.

Step 2: Get Out Your I-pod

Next get out your i-pod and plug it in. Find the song that you are going to play. I would use a heavey metal song because they are allways so loud.

Step 3: Choose the Song

Next you need to choose the song that you are going to play. The song that I chose was Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses.

Step 4: The Person Wakes Up

Next turn your i-pod to full volume and press play. The person will wake up. In this picture it is what I would look like if I woke up to some heavey metal music.



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    WTF!! I need to try this on my house mate lol, he's going to go crazy lol. also check out this! it managed to get me in the proper state to wake up in the mornings, even if i have work or not. Nice post

    lol @ step 4! I already have a pretty funny idea for what to play for the guy to wake up. I'm pretty sure most people here know how WW2 games play out... Explosions, machine guns, howitzers, more explosions, bullet impacts and ricochets, grenades, explosions, whatnot. That + maxed out amp = lulz

    hahaha i have that thing :) but it sucks now ive upgraded my amp

    I just crank my Gibson SG through my 50 watt VOX and do vibrato till I get feedback. Or I just kick them in the head

    A 6,000,000,000 volt taze to the groin works well also  :P

    Hey you could plug your guitar and turn it up to the max volume and play a loud note

    what kind of person needs an instructible to play music?

    The action of waking someone up includes taking them out of the long process of sleep.... Odd title for the fact