How to Wax Your Alpine Skis





Introduction: How to Wax Your Alpine Skis

The following will instruct you how to wax your alpine skis.

Needed Materials:

Ski wax
Heavy duty rubber band

Needed Conditions:

Workbench or table
Power outlet


Step 1: Choose Your Wax.

Ski wax color indicates the snow condition in which it is designed to be used. Generally warmer colors such as pink, yellow, orange, etc. are designed for the warmer snow found later in the ski season (March-May). Cooler colors such as blue, purple, and white are used for the colder conditions found earlier in the ski season (November- February). Do not use candle wax.

Step 2: Choose Your Iron.

Irons specially designed for waxing your skis may be purchased online or in most outdoor stores (left). These irons have a smooth base which allow for an even spread of the wax. Household irons (right) may also be used.


Step 3: Plug Iron In, and Set Temperature to Medium.

Step 4: Wipe Down Skis With Rag to Get Rid of Any Dust or Dirt Particles.

Step 5: Place Rubber Band on Ski Brakes to Keep Them From Getting in the Way.

Step 6: Invert Iron and Place Wax Against Hot Base.

Step 7: Drip Three Rows of Wax Onto the Base of the Ski.

Hover iron and wax along the length of the ski, dripping wax as you go. Drip one row of wax on each side of the base of the ski and one row down the center to insure even coverage. 

Step 8: Run Hot Iron Along the Base of Your Ski at Slow and Steady Pace.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 4-8 With Other Ski, Unplug Iron, Remove Rubber Band, and Enjoy a Great Day of Skiing.



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    12 Discussions

    Nice job! Here's another tip to perfect your hot wax tuning skills. After smoothing the hot wax with an iron let the wax cool for about 5-10 minutes before scraping the wax off the bases. Then buff the bases with a nylon brush and you'll have a super fast set of sticks!



    honestly, I have no idea why people are dissing toko. I win races on toko and know many great skiers who use toko. I think the edges are more important unless you are doing downhill or free skiing

    You should use Holmenkol or Swix wax, because Toko isn't really good. And you should scrap of the wax.

    Scraping off the wax after is not only better for the ski but increases performance and speed. Great instructable and pictures otherwise!

    This is so cool bro.

    The basics are here but you risk doing severe damage to your skis by simply setting the iron to "medium" you need a temperature reading otherwise you risk burning your skis base. Also dont use toko wax as pictured, it is a notoriously bad ski wax. and finally by leaving the wax on the ski you severely slow the ski down. skis are meant to have the wax scraped off. The base of the ski is porous and the wax soaks into these pores. Once the wax is put on you need to let the skis sit for a half hour and then you scrape the excess off with a plastic scraper and brush the base with a nylon brush so its visibly shiny. If you leave the wax on you are covering up the base which is specifically designed to decrease surface tension and allow you to go fast.

    Nice instructable! One thing I was wondering about is if you do something to the old wax? I usually take a spray (I can't remember what its called) and spray the skis then wipe them down which removes all the old wax.

    1 reply

    they sell scrapers that you can use to scrape all the old wax off... a flat piece of pvc would also work

    I usually scrap the wax off with a piece of plastic with a good square edge then brush the base with a base brush. The base brush is also useful for cleaning the base prior to application of wax.

    Nice instructable.
    For old skis with dirty sole suggest following extra steps: clean with a citrus solvent soaked cloth under step 4 before using dry cloth.
    Also maybe first melt in a thin layer to be scraped off completely with a plastic scrape- this in order to deep clean the sole before applying final wax coat.

    Nice! Friends and I used to do this in high school to save the $. BTW- we would scavenge flea-markets/thrift stores for irons. Used to be able to get old irons w/out steam holes.

    Happy trails!