How to Win a Checkers Game

Introduction: How to Win a Checkers Game

I recently learned this easy trick to win a checkers game.

Step 1: Move to a Wall

Move this piece to the wall, it can't be captured there.

Step 2:

DO NOT MOVE THE PIECES ON THE SPACE WHERE THE OTHER player's PIECES GET CROWNED!!!! It is the key to win. they will probably move theirs. Don't tell them our little trick. Heh heh heh.

Step 3: Win!!!

Once you get a king start herding the opponent pieces to your side they cannot capture, or go anywhere if they have no kings which is why we did not let them become a king. continue herding the pieces to your side with your king or kings. Watch as the opponent suddenly has no legal move you win!!!

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    3 years ago

    This would be an interesting strategy. However, checkers has a "mandatory jump" rule, i.e. if you you can jump an opponent's checker, then you must. That being said, it would be impossible to get from the setup shown in the last screenshot with an empty horizontal row (with the lone white checker in the edge square on the right) to the next screenshot with all empty squares filled with white checkers. As soon as any white checker moved to the empty row adjacent to a black king-row checker, a jump would have to occur, thus vacating a king-row square.