How to Zero Out Your X,Y and Z Axis to the Shopbot




First you click on the shopbot icon on the computer

Step 1: Zero X and Y Axis

Now that you opened the shopbot program. You will need to go to the cuts menu and right click on C3 Home X,Y axis using Prox Switches. It should zero both X and Y axis and bring the router head to the corner of the bed

Step 2: Zero the Z Axis Pt1

Now you will need to right click on the yellow box. In that menu it allows you to move the router head up and down and backwards and  forwards, left and right. Using the arrows position the router head on the table in a place where you can get an accurate reading using the Z plate

Step 3: Zero the Z Pt2

Next step you will need to inset collet to collet nut then insert cutter to collet. Then twist collet nut on to the spindle tighten with the wrenches  

Step 4: Zero the Z Pt3

Now you go to the cuts menu and right click on C2 zero the z plate. Then slide the z plate out and place it the table click ok when ready to zero. The cutter will touch the z plate twice then you can put the z plate back. You can also z plate to the top of your material it all depends on your file.



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