How a Spudgun Ignition

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This is how i made my -sort of- remote controllable spudgun ignition

list of stuff to buy before you start on this project with a high awesomeness level:
piezo bbq-lighter
spark plug
steel wire

tools: a wire stripper
          tape ( yes , tape is a tool)
          hands ( don't lose 'em , they might just come in handy)

Step 1: Drilling

this is the part where you take out your drill , attach a drill bit the size of the threaded part of the spark plug.
Drill a hole in a strong , robust part of the combustion chamber

Step 2: Wiring the Piezo Ignitor

Take the thing apart , but be careful not to damage the internal components.
you will see 2 wires , extend them by attaching a longer wire , and secure with electrical tape.
make sure everything is sturdy and tape it all up
(see picture)

then , tape one wire to the small pin at the end of the sparkplug , and one wire to the o-ring around the threaded part

Step 3: Insert the Spark Plug and Secure

twist the wired sparkplug into it's place.
then take steel wire , turn it around the sparkplug , then turn it around the whole gun and twist the wire , so that it's stuck , once again , look at the picture

Step 4: Testing

here are some pictures of the testing before and after putting it inside the gun

Btw , i'm from Belgium , so my English probably isn't perfect , so if there are any mistakes noticed by you , please alert me!!



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    6 years ago on Step 4

    Your English isn't bad. I read plenty of things written by native speakers, man, and you'd have to be pretty awful to not be up to par.

    Great project.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    the spark plug is kind of...useless if you're using a BBQ ignitor....all you need are two nails or pins or anything metal that are close enough to allow a spark to jump the gap when you push the ignitor

    2 replies

    yeah that's true , o no , wait , what is a sparkplug again
    indeed , 2 metal pins close together , it even has extra isolation and threaded wire , so you can jam it in there real tight , instead of hot-glueing your nails

    hmmm, well , you can see that there is only a small (threaded)endcap on the gun.
    I tested it with a bigger endcap , but the gun was so powerful that it blew the cap off and rammed it into my stomach :P
    it's pretty powerful , because , when i shot it against a 3 inch thick wooden board ( point blanc) it shot right trough :)