How Two Make a Whip!!!(It Cracks):2)




(also sorry for any spelling mistakes or punctuation I am only 13 years old)

As my first Instructable I think that this is a good thing to start of with as it is quick, simple and the finished thing works really well. I would recommend it to anyone young or old cos you don't need any fancy knots or anything. 

What you will need:
-a few balls of soft string (It doesn't need to be strong)
-a stick or a tent peg (for the handle).
-tape (optional)

Now if you have all of that then you can get started!!!

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Step 1: Starting the Weaving.

-Step 1

Ok so you are going to use a weave called monkey chain (finger knitting) it is so so so simple and quick here are the steps to getting started:

-make a loop in your string pointing up like one on a roller-coaster (picture one)

-Twist the loop over to the left once (picture two)

-Bend the loop down to the long end of the string and pull some of it through (pictures three and four)

- now pull the rope tight and it will make another loop (picture five)

My video on how to start of monkey chain!!!

If you don't understand how to do this then there is alot of alternative info on the web.

Step 2: Continue Weaving

- step 2

Now if you have done the first step right you should have another loop like the first one. now all you need to do is step three of step one (just pull the longer string through the loop and pull tight)
keep doing that and it will start to make monky chain.

Step 3: Attaching a New Ball of Sting

-step 3

now you will probably find that you will run out of string pretty quickly. now if that happens (witch it should about three times) don't panic. just get a new ball of string and attach it to the end of the old one with a reef knot.

Step 4: 40-50 Feet of Monkey Chain

-Step 4

Now you should keep making monkey chain until you have about 40-50 feet of it. (I do it in the car whilst dad is driving me to school or something) once you have that then you can put a pencil in the loop so that all of that hard work doesn't unwind. Then you literately do monkey chain with your monkey chain. You just follow steps 1, 2, and 3 but with the monkey chain instead of a ball of string. you should use up almost all of the first monkey chain.

Step 5: Monkey Chain With Monkey Chain With Monkey Chain.

Now that you have done monkey chaining with monkey chaining (double chain) repeat step four but with the double chain to make a triple chain (Monkey chain with monkey chain with monkey chain.) then you are ready to attach it to your whip handle- a tent peg or a stick.

Step 6: Rounding of the End

-Step 6

After you have completed monkey chain with monkey chain with monkey chain you need to tie of the ends so that when you are using it it wont all unravel. To do this you need to find the end of the string and pull it all through the loop (like putting a thread through a pin hole but easier) and then you need to pull it all tight and tie any stopper knot on the end.

Step 7: Attach the Handle

-Step 7

Now that you have made monkey chain with monkey chain with monkey chain or triple chain you need to attach it to your handle. You can either use a tent peg or a stick. now in the title I did say that it was without tools so if you are using a stick you will need a knife to carve it. I use a tent peg in my whip. To attach the string to the handle tie a simple knot over the handle and pull it supper tight. then you will need to put loads and loads of tape over the knot to stop it from sliding.

Step 8: How to Crack It.

-step 8

Now you have your whip on a handle you probably want it to crack. First you need to get the very end or the string and before you start to crack you need to tie a simple knot just before the monkey chain to stop it from unravelling when you whip. Then you need to get the very end of your string and Frey it. (don't worry if when you crack it bits of fluff come of) Now to crack it you must make a wave along the string and when it gets to the end you will pull it very hard back towards you. if it dose not crack don't worry just try again. (there is plenty of info on the web on how to make a whip crack). now you are done!!!

Step 9: Links to My Other Ibles!!!

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    12 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    If you have succeeded in making this awesome whip please comment.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oops i just realised that i put two in the title instead of to. :o


    8 years ago on Introduction

    nice instructable although I think that much effort deserves a nicer handle. Ive never heard this knot called a monkey chain before but it fits, Ive always called it a slip chain, its the same "stitch" knitters and crocheters use and Ive seen many construction ppl use the "not knot" to shorten and store long extension cables

    5 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your comment ! I learnt this as a sailing knot.
    Plus any ideas for what else you could use for the handle ?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you can use a rawhide bootlace and make a cool guys necklace or wristlet or use gold jewelry wire and make a christmas tree decorative chain, google "ladder ribbon necklace" and learn how to make the latest craze in womans neckware ( I think they use a crochet hook but its the same "knot") Ive seen them for sale from $8 to $20us! Use multipul strands of either of the above or even your cordage to make thicker pieces or even stagger the thickness. In the case of your whip, start with 2 lenghts of cord, knot about a foot and add a 3rd piece, continue knotting 1-2 feet and add another, when you get to the lenght you want to add a handle just add 3 or 4 more pieces. If you want to continue the way you were you could just knot a thicker section to make your handle or pass it through a piece of pvc tube or metal tube or even a drilled piece of wood. A large knot at the end would prevent it from coming out or you could use a strong glue like gorilla glue. Letting the remaining cord fray after the knot would add an interesting look and wrapping the handle with the same cordage or a different color would give a finished look and add some color.. Now for the oldman warning part. I know whips are fun to crack, I still enjoy them myself but they can be dangerous. The reason you hear a CRRACK is because the tip is moving at such a high speed it breaks the sound barrier so even a piece of string can leave a nasty cut or put out an eye so please be careful when using your creation

    necklace display 006.jpg

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool thanks for your reply!!!
    But I don't think that I will be waking any women's jewellery soon.

    (PS just to add to your warning don't be a dumb and attach a double bladed fishing hook to the end of your whip.)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    lol, yes any addition to the tip can multiply the danger. The jewelry was just an example of how this simple knot can be used to make money, I actually have several of the "necklaces" that I use as hat bands.