How We Make BBQ in Argentina, Aka "Haciendo Un Asado"

Hello everybody, I'm posting this Slideshow as an entry for the BBQ contest... I don't know if slideshows fit in contests, but anyway, at least you'll be able to go through a story about how we cook -and what we use for- "asado", while learning a few tips and hints. Buen provecho!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Chimichurri, Someone say that when the english come to argentina to make the railways, they allway ask 'give me the curry', 'give me the curry' when eat. So, from that, 'givemethecurry' evolved to 'chimichurri' word, the never forget sauce for the asado.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Que funny! My abuelita was from Buenos Aires; she told me that same thing many, many years ago! Must be true, eh? ;)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Que groso ver el asado en instructables. Yo soy de Rosario Saludos

    Seriously, this is a wondeful slideshow. Yo mucho gusto todo! WHAT? No recipe included for chimichurri sauce? Por que, amigo? How can I get a copy of the pieces of cow? I read a lot of Latin American recettas, and need a copy of those cuts to better understand what I'm doing. Can you send me an email and attach that diagram to: emarkpreston at-symbol hotmail punto com

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    Hey, I tried to edit my i'ble so as to add a slide about chimichurri, but it seems like it didn't work... so I'm posting the slide here. Thanks for the comments, bye!

    Ohh yes I'm so sorry I forgot two items:

    • "chimichurri" sauce, a spice sauce which is added to chicken, guts, chorizo, and to some meat pieces
    • "ensalada criolla" (a salad made of lettuce, tomato and raw onion, which is consumed together with asado)

    I promise I'll add some pics about them asap