How You Make a Halo Magnum! (With Slide and Magazine)

Introduction: How You Make a Halo Magnum! (With Slide and Magazine)

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Link to the Pic:

If you like here is the Halo Font!

And some other Pics from the Halo Magnum:



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    Amazing, I am going to put in good word for the halloween competetion

    I added a rubber band connecting from the base to the slide so it would bounce back and it was pretty boas

    could you put like a video or something because its kind of confusing even with the links

    Not bad looking. I was starting a cardboard and Styrofoam version, but the foam is somewhat crumbly. I think I like the foamcore. Is that to scale, width-wise? it looks narrow to me. I'm doing the full-size, Spartan scale version. That might account for it.

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    I tried with cardboard, but it was way to thin...
    do you know where I could bet some foamcore?
    and if so, how much is it?

    Craft stores with have it. Ask the people at the front. If not, you can try a office supply place. The stuff I use is... 3/16"

    Apologies if I step on toes, but this is some of what I did.

    I took a blueprint found here:
    It's part way down the page.
    The wiki says the pistol is 10.51 in.
    The Spartan scale model is 117% bigger at, unless I'm wrong 12.2967 in.

    What I did was take the Spartan scale and resized the blueprints to that, then printed and cut out the number needed to get the right thickness. Other then that the building instructions are about the same as the video. My front enclosure was more parts, something like this:
    / \
    | |

    This gives me more of a curve to work with when I smooth it, most likely with bondo. If you cut the angle joints at a 45o with the xacto it helps.
    (Aware I'm running on, almost done, honest!)
    Also, If you have a dremel, a grinding wheel is good for the vents on the slide, and a rounded tip can gently carve the depressions in the grip.

    And last but not entirely least, I chose to only have I think two layers for the hand guard, if you look at references it's thinner then the rest of the pistol.
    And reference images are

    P.S. Nice tut, Cathy. It was a big help!

    you're not bing very clear... do you mean where is it from? if so, it's from the HALO sseries of video games made by microsoft and bungie

    make another one and weather it here go to this site then it would look awsomer

    this is similar to the battle rifle that i was going to make with the layers, but i abandoned it and created my own gun, the whole thing is foamboard and has a charging handle. it basically looks like a br minus the carry handle. thx for the inspiration!!!

    cool but i i thing you should use silver metallic spray to make it look realistic!!!