How to Show Respect in United States

Body language is important to show respect during conversation

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Step 1: Positions

It is better to keep distance when participating in conversation. If you get too close, the listener can possibly feel uncomfortable, and back up. Woman prefer to be approached head on while men prefer 45 degree angle. While talking try to stand straight to give, and try to minimize actions that can signify that you are not interested in the conversation

Step 2: Smile

It is always good to have nice smile while talking. However be aware that too much smile can tell the listeners that you are mocking their speech. Therefore try to make as natural smile as possible to show the listener that you are enjoying the conversation.

Step 3: Eye-contact

It is not rude to make eye contact with the person you are talking to. In some other cultures it can signify rude to look up into the eyes while making speeches, but in United States, it is more polite to make eye contact during conversation. It can give trust to the listener, and get listener more engage in conversation.

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