How to Download and Use Guitar Pro 5




Introduction: How to Download and Use Guitar Pro 5


Wondered how I made tabs? Here is the anwer! This instructable will show you how to download and use my fave program, Guitar Pro 5

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Step 1: Minimum Requirements

Minimal Requirements
 Windows® 98SE/2000/XP
 Administrator rights for installation
 Pentium 500 Mhz - 128 MB RAM
 Sound card - CD-ROM drive
 35 MB free hard disk space

Step 2: Head Over to the Website

Head over to there website to download a trial of the software. The software lasts for 10 days so you can try before you buy! Here is a link!

Step 3: Click on the 'Try Guitar Pro' Button

Click on the Try Guitar Pro button. This will link you to a page where you can download the software.

Step 4: Download the Trial.

Click on 'GP5 Demo Windows.' This will initiate the download sequence. Once you have clicked on the download button click run. This means it will run the setup once the download is complete!

Step 5: Run the Setup.

Now we will run the setup. Firstly, select the language you wish to use. In most cases it will be english.
Now we will go through the setup. . You will first see a welcome step. Click next
You must now look at the license agreement. Once you have agreed to it, click agree then click next!
It will now ask you where you would like to install the software. Just click next.
You will now be asked if you would like a desktop shortcut. It is not needed but I recommend it.
Now, you wait!
Click finish, and you are done!

Step 6: Enjoy!

You can now enjoy your new program! But after 15 days you must buy or unistall the program.

Here are some useful links for tabs.

GTABS (>500000 tablatures)
Free to download Guitar-Pro online archive with over 500000 tablatures

GUITAR TABS (>200000 tablatures)
Over 200,000 guitar tabs with video.

GUITAR PRO TABS (>60000 tablatures)
Your largest source for Guitar-Pro tablatures. Over than 60.000 files. Free download !

GUITAR PRO ARCHIVES (>53000 tablatures)
It has over 53000 tabs GP3 GP4 and GP5 Free download.

FLAMING TABS (>50000 tablatures)
Flamingtabs offers over 50,000 tabs for guitar, bass and drums

NUTABS (>50000 tablatures)
All the GuitarPro tabs in one place - 6606 artists and over 50000 tabs

ALL4M (>49000 tablatures)
Free Guitar Pro Tabs and PDF Music Notes, forum, articles, galleries, blogs, and other...

Guitarpro Tabs (>47000 tablatures)
GProTab was created to share GuitarPro format tabs, limitless and totally for FREE. Over 47,000 GP tabs (>45000 tablatures)
>40.000 GP Tabs. The worlds biggest free Guitar Pro 4, GuitarPro 3, gpt; gp3; gp4 tablatures archive, free download

GuitarProSongs (>40000 tablatures)
Download free Guitar Pro tabs, forum, tutorial, learn to use guitar tab.

Tabs Heaven (>30000 tablatures) - free Guitar PRO tabs

Ultimate Guitar (>30000 tablatures) propose more than 40.000 Guitar Pro files.

Free Guitar Tabs and Lessons (>20000 tablatures)
Internet Guitar Database setted up for guitarists by guitarists in an attempt to provide free detailed information for players worldwide.

MySongBook (>5000 tablatures)
MySongBook an archive of Guitar Pro user compositions in GP3 GP4 or GP5 format. More than 5.000 tablatures are available.

Metal Tabs (>1000 tablatures) is a tablatures data base for guitar, bass and drum.

Total Bass (>550 tablatures)
Thousands of tablatures for bass in txt and gp format. All styles: metal, reggae, pop, punk, ska, pop, rock...

123 SHEET MUSIC (>250 tablatures)
Hundreds of free spanish, classical, blues, jazz and celtic tabs and sheet music in guitar pro 5 format for guitar and bass.

Midimax (>200 tablatures)
Hundreds of high quality song files, including MIDI, Guitar Pro, and Karaoke files.

NETSAFEHOUSE (>72 tablatures)
This website offers users to upload, download and share GP tabs... free! Good for learning purposes, showing off a song you made etc.

911 Tabs is a search engine for tablatures

Guitar Directory free score for guitar , tabs, notes

Share with others your own compositions

Tabs 4 Acoustic
Hundreds free tablatures, easy to play and especially transcribed for acoustic guitarists!

Dedicated Guitar Pro Search Engine.

Step 7: Learn to Use It.

Just read this manual and you will be all set to edit, create and remix songs!

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    9 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Guitar Pro Is a cool staff! I use it often and especially cause it's easy to find tabs. I downloaded them from Deposit Files. There are almost all Guitar Pro tabs that I need/ Here's the link


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great, more BLOATED commercial software. ....... The only TAB editor I recommend to guitarists is PowerTAB. It's freeware, it duplicates your TABs into standard notation, has over 100 instruments, built-in guitar tuner, and more features than you can shake a drumstick at. It will even PLAY your song and you can print it out. ... Just Google for "PowerTAB" and you can get the software and thousands of songs online in the PowerTAB format. ... It's fantastic, and best of all it only takes up 3.5 MB of hard disk space.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Guitar pro is a million times better. Have you even used it?
    Guitar pro does all that. As in, all of that. Does power tab to drums? Or sheet music? Didn't think so.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Uh, this is an advert.  There is nothing here that is not found within the basic marketting and install procedure for the product.  This really ain't appropriate for a site like this.  If it is, I will be back next week advertising ...  well I dunno, something !


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You might also like to look at not installing the RSE if space is tight. It's over ten times the size of the actual program. 

    also: I  use it without the Tablature (musical score only) for quickly transposing for my SAX player. Noice


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Any clue if the works with vista? And is there anything special about administrative rights for download or do you just have to say that ;[]?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It works just fine with Vista, and no, admin rights are really only necessary for multi-user computers or an account without full control. Just be warned: GP5 is a MIDI-form tab player, but comes with a Realistic Sound Engine (RSE) that emulates true instrument sounds (Okay for some instruments, flat and toneless for most but still fun to play with). However, the RSE software has an annoying tendency to mess with other MIDI audio settings, so if you use any programs with MIDI tones or play games that keep audio files in this format, they *may* sound distorted. If you do, I recommend not installing the RSE at all.
    Other than that, GP5 is a great tool for learning songs quickly or jotting down a riff or song you've written with full tempo control.