How to Make a Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Airplane

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I am going to tell you how to make a paper airplane the correct way.

Step 1: Get a Piece of Paper

First you need to get a piece of paper.

Step 2: The First Folds

You need to make the folds on your piece of paper as I did in this picture.

Step 3: More Folding

Once you have done the first folds then you need to make the same folds that I did in this picture.

Step 4: A Little Bit More Folding

After you have made those folds you make the same folds that I did in this picture. It is pretty much the same fold.

Step 5: Just One More Fold

Last you need to like, how would I say this? You need to like fold it in half. Make sure that you make the folds for the wings also.
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    10 years ago on Step 3

    are you a kid.
    this is my first time made these airplane because to me i want to make airplane is so cool .bye ,bye i love you im a boy