Howto Make an Airsoft (Cross-hair) Scope





Introduction: Howto Make an Airsoft (Cross-hair) Scope

This will teach you how to make a simple airsoft-scope from just garage tools & tape!

Step 1: Grab a Peice

Grab a piece from your tools that goes to a wrench like the one shown in the picture,
Get one big enough to fit your whole eye into.

Step 2: Putting on Cross-Hairs

Either get Black tape or Black Paper,
Then cut it into strips & tape it over the end like in the picture...

Step 3: Getting It on Your Gun...

If you don't like the color of your scope, paint it!

Now, to get it on your gun, you can either hot glue it on like shown in the picture, or tape it on...

Step 4: Look Through Your Scope!

Now that you have it, look through it!

Here are some more pictures:



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    What you may not realize about scopes is that for them two work accurately, one of two things has to happen: A: they are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. or B: they line up perfectly with the front sight. For example, on an M16 the middle of the crosshairs would be on the top of the middle prong of the crown. This is because they allow somebody to visually line up where the bullet should be going. the scope is above the barrel, so if you just use the scope, you will have to allow for that. not a bad idea, but go to go to the accessories and buy the spec ops reflex sight ( about $15 after shipping ). keep both eyes open, but keep one focused on the red dot sight. This creates an illusion that looks like a dot in front of your eye ( think the crosshairs from COD or Halo ). Also fully adjustable and mounts on just about any gun.

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    also, for this type of crude corsshair, its best to have 2 points to align, at the front and back. try putting a piece of plastic with a small dot (any color) in the very centor over the back end of the sight. then you can align the dot and crosshair to align your shot. and you dont actually put your eye IN a sight, but behind it for alignment. you put your eye IN a scope (sorta)

    My scope on my sniper rifle airgun has only ONE point ot align, and it is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, as you said.

    This isn't a really acurate scope, you cannot change the thing and this is and would not be accurate since you cannot align the scope with the gun. SOrry, but you deserve fail sticker for that. No one wastes tool parts!


    or you can do the normal method ... 2 hairs and super glue

    For a better idea, you could buy some cheap binoculars, take the lenses out and make a scope tube, then for the crosshairs use something like thick red fishing line instead of big pieces of cardboard.

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    If some people think this has any actual use. Then the answer is no. It's just an accesory and makes it HARDER to aim. So if you ask me I think you shouldn't try to build it. It's a waste of time.

    this is stupid unprecise and cheap so it will not work well with most gunzz

    some people are dumb so I think when he called them things that go to wrenches like shown above is better then saying socket.

    nice, i tried it, and it worked perfectleeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scopes work by pinpointing the exact spot the bullet and the projection of the scope will meet. This means that the scope is angled downward over the gun.

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