Hpi Savage Roto-start One-way Bearing Fix




Introduction: Hpi Savage Roto-start One-way Bearing Fix

About: carpenter ,mancave dweller and all round nice guy .

seized one-way bearing ? this fix will help save you money and get your savage back in action again .

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Step 1: Items Needed

tools needed :
2mm,2.5mm and 3mm hex drivers /allen keys
1/2" and 6mm sockets
and a hpi savage monster truck .

parts needed :
one way bearing (part no. HF0612) with a simple ebay search you should be able to get ten for ten bucks .

Step 2: Get to the Bearing .

first we need to get the engine out . to do this remove the throttle linkage off the carburetor , simply twist and it will pop off the ball stud. next remove the fuel tank which is held in place by two R clips .disconnect the fuel lines from carburetor and tuned pipe . then loosen set screw holding the tuned pipe .

Step 3: Flip It

flip your savage over . using a 3mm hex driver/allen key remove the four screws from the engine mount . unflip your savage and the engine should be able to pull right out .

Step 4: Remove the Pull or Rotostart

using a 2mm hexdriver remove the three screw holding the rotostart / pullstart to engine ,pull to remove exposing the one way bearing .slide bearing off to remove .

Step 5: Pressing Bearing Out of Nut .

place bearing in 1/2" socket. (note : use a 1/2 inch drive socket for this ) next using a socket withe the same or slightly smaller outside diameter as the bearing(i used a 6mm). press the bearing out of the holding nut using vice .

Step 6: Pressing New Bearing in .

place new bearing in freezer for ten or so minutes. hold holding nut in pliers, gently warm with heat gun . now remove cold bearing from freezer and press together .using pliers so as not to burn your fingers.

Step 7: Rebuild

rebuild your savage . follow steps in reverse order .
tips :
1 : remember that one way bearings are just that so if you put it in backwards it wont start, to test once rotostart backplate is on turn over engine . if it doesn't turn over ,flip the bearing 180 degrees.
2 :dont forget to mesh the clutch and spur gear with a piece of paper so it doesn't bind .
3: use treadlocker on any screws the go in to metal.

Step 8: Go Race

fuel up and go race .

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    you know the easyst fix is just get a full one way bearing
    they are dirt cheap
    also it is healthyer for your engine to replace the roto for a pull starter
    (sorry for my grammar i am not native english)


    Reply 3 years ago

    to buy the hpi part cost around $20 but to a new bearing to press in is only $1 . not sure how you figure this is cheaper . also pull and rotostarts both work the same way only rotostarts dont snap cords .


    Reply 3 years ago

    any old 6 sided one way bearing would fit
    like this one


    Reply 3 years ago

    i didnt mean to be harsh and stuff
    i was just wondering


    Reply 3 years ago

    hi . thanks for the link. $3 for one in a holder is a better price but $1 and a bit of time to press a new bearing in is more fun and cheaper. ( could be my Scottish ancestors coming out in me )


    Reply 3 years ago

    me as a stingy dutch guy should also want the cheapest
    but lazy as i am i take the easyest route
    nice instructable though