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Introduction: Hubby Quilt

My Husband had tons of T-shirts he had collected from travels and events. Just about everything he did or every place he went he added to his collection. Over the years they have become either a little raggedy or just too small. He just could not part with them because each had a special memory. So I convinced him I could preserve his memories and clean out his closet.

Step 1: Cut Out the Front or Back of Your T-Shirt

Make sure each square is the same size

Step 2: Backing

I ironed each square onto a piece of fuseable interfacing. This will keep each square uniform and easy to sew.

Step 3: Design

Lay out your squares on the floor or a large table to figure out what looks good where. I had enough squares to make both the front and back of the quilt. You can also just have your t-shirt squares on one side and a cotton or flannel back.

Find a cotton non-stretchy material for the trim and back.

The amount of material you need will be based on the size of your quilt. Do some calculations at this point so you purchase enough material and you aren't disappointed later.

Step 4: Cutting and Sewing

Cut several strips of material and sew them together. So you have one very long strip. My Strips were about 3" wide.

Lay your strip face up under your sewing machine pressure foot and place the first square face down on strip.

Sew the strip and the first square together.

Continue adding squares until you are out of strip. Trim the end and start a new strip.

When you have added the border to one side of every quilt square, Press

Make sure you keep your squares all the same width. You can trim them as needed.

Continue the method above for all four sides.

Step 5: Finishing

Sew all squares together.

Add the Back

I used a light batting on the inside of the quilt and stitched in the ditch of a few seams to keep it in place.

At this point trim all sides so they are even and square.

Add binding of your choice.

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