Huevos Divorciados

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Intro: Huevos Divorciados

Huevos Divorciados is a famous breakfast dish from South of the boarder down in Mexico City, much like Huevos Racheros.

Here is what you will need:

½ cup olive oil*
2 corn tortillas
2 large eggs
¼ cup green salsa
¼ cup red salsa
½ cup pinto or black beans, cooked

All above ingredients are for one serving. Double or triple etc. the ingredients as to the number of mouths to feed.

*avocado oil is best to use as it has a higher smoke point. You can can heat avocado oil to 500 degrees without it smoking or the flavor changing or becoming toxic to digestive system. Olive oil has a smoke point  to 350 degrees. 

Step 1:

In a small sauce pan warm beans and set aside. Also be sure to warm the red and green salsas, set aside as well.

Place a small frying pan on medium high and heat oil. With a pair of cooking tongs dip tortillas one at a time to fry, but not crisp; about 1 to 1 ½ minutes.

Step 2:

Remove tortilla from oil and allow oil to drip off and place onto plate. Overlap cooked on the plate. 

Step 3:

Remove all but a small amount of oil from pan. Return pan to heat and crack both eggs into pan. Place lid over eggs and cook sunny side up style; about 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 4:

Turn eggs onto tortillas, making sure eggs are lying or placed in the center.

Step 5:

Next spoon black beans over top of eggs, making sure to center the beans over the eggs. 

Step 6:

On one side of the beans, spoon on the warmed red salsa. Next spoon the warmed green salsa on the other side.


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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hey thanks Sunshine!! ;)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This made me very hungry! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!



    4 years ago

    Hey Chris I appreciate the follow. Also I will check out your Instructables as well. The contests are fun.


    4 years ago

    Yes I use butter. To cook a perfect egg..1 tbsp. or so of butter. Break egg into pan. Put 1 tbsp. water into pan. Place lid over pan. Timer on for 1 minuet. Slice egg onto plate. It is evenly cook all over including top.


    4 years ago

    If you don't mind the butter flavor, butter oil(ghee) has an equally high smoke point. I love my eggs fried in it. If you leave all the oil in the pan, you may not have to return it to heat. The larger volume holds a lot of heat.