Huge Cardboard Airplane With Propeller That Is Powerd by Motor

Introduction: Huge Cardboard Airplane With Propeller That Is Powerd by Motor

Here you will learn how to make a cardboard airplane that has a propeller that is spun by a motor.

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Step 1: Supplies

to make this airplane you will need:

  1. lots of cardboard
  2. tape
  3. weight for nose of plane
  4. dc motor
  5. battery
  6. propeller

Step 2: Making the Body

  1. To make the body of our plane we will use cardboard. You will cut a piece out that is shaped like a rectangle and then fold it over and cut along one side on an angle to form the main part. Now take another piece of cardboard and cut a large rectangle out of that and cut the corners off of the front two sides to form the wing. next take another piece and cut our a triangle to make the back fin. Now take the main body and tap the triangle fin between the folded main body and tape it down, and then tape the cardboard on to the main body as well. (the size of the airplane all depends on the size of cardboard you use.)

Step 3: Making the Propeller

To make the propeller I took the motor and attached the propeller to it and hooked it up to a none volt battery. then I took a piece of wood and attached a motor to it and attached the other end of the piece of wood to the front of the plane.

Step 4: Make It Fly

To get the plane to fly connect the battery to the motor and give the plane a gentle throw and watch it soar.

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