Huge Cookie Monster Cake




I made this cake for my cousins 18th birthday and it is defiantly the most time consuming but favourite cake ive ever made. It ttok me from 8 in the morning until about 10pm that night to have it completely baked and iced. I was getting one cake out of the over and putting another straight in! the cake consists of 4 deep 20cm round layers stacked and carved, 2 bowl cakes iced together and carved for the head and load tins cut in half for the arms and legs. I cut the mouth out of the head so I could put some cookies inside to make it seem as though he was eating, I also made a slit by his hand so it looked like he was holding a cookie. I had no strict plan for the cakes design, so I just printed out loads of pictures of the cookie monster and put them around my kitchen for reference and then carved the cake little by little until it looked like the pictures. I iced the cake using a wilton grass tip and piped the strands quite messy and long almost looped/hanging so it looked like fur, and finished the cake with white fondant eyes with black buttercream pupils.

To give you an idea of the size of the cake heres some of my ingredients list!
32 large eggs
2kg baking butter
2kg plain flour
2kg SR flour
2kg caster sugar

I cant remember how much butter icing i had to make but trust me it was a LOT! I made the cake nearly 6 months ago so I cant really remember enough of the process to do a detailed step by step but if u have any questions please feel free to message me. Clearly im no professional nor do I pretend to be, but for my first carved cake Im dead pleased with my effort :) Thanks for reading!



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